Does anyone else have trouble reading after learning many of the nuances of writing?

I've just noticed that I'd rather write than read most of the other writing I find out there.

When I do read it, I usually end up frowning at unnecessary filters, rolling my eyes at comma splices, and getting frustrated by repeated short, simple sentences that tell rather than show. It's 'adult' genre, why do 'adult' writers write at a 4th grade reading level?

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@mkuriel Perhaps not to the same extent, but I do get this feeling sometimes! Like whenever I read an action scene comprised of long meandering sentences instead of short, sharp shocks, or a scene that exists solely for exposition. (I'm sure I'm not perfect either, but this stuff still bugs me.)

@JasmineLeaScanlon I'm noticing more of that with TV as well. Maybe we should have genres devoted to style choices...
90% exposition.
70% Tell.
Grammatically Challenged.
Excessive use of redundant diction in aggressively long stanzas with freakin' weird term usage.
Not my first language.
Written to an audience of one.
I'm smarter than you.
Not as funny as I hoped...
LOL. This would make a great youtube series similar to Honest Trailers...

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