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The greatest lie we've been told as Americans is that we have to sacrifice our happiness for the greater good. And it's pure bullshit.

Never, ever sacrifice your well being and happiness for anyone. The world does not need your suffering to make it better. There is nothing noble about short changing yourself.

The idea of self care is a simple one, but it's revolutionary because are taught to take pride in suffering.

And that's nonsense, man. Be happy. Be fulfilled. Be you.

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@Are0h That's... very American of you to say. The US cultivates a culture of selfishness. I'm not arguing people cannot be tricked by patriotism, because that's also something that is happening in the US, but that the solution isn't to lose solidarity towards others in the collective you are a part of. Instead, the goal could be to create better, more honest systems where you can care for yourself and others, while the need to protect yourself from others is reduced.

Six poems on the dual nature of Self-Worth, Power, Movement, Thought, Abundance, and Effort.

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Hit me with your best mastodon accounts. I want more high quality people to follow.

Has anyone written about coffee? I've been off it for more than a week until today and am starting to feel poetic again...

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Good morning my friends (and hello to the strange vastness of federated space), hey to the kitties and awwoo to the puppies and hi to everyone (Blessed be to those who wish blessings to be).


So I grew tired of Mideval Fantasy and also of the "must kill everything" mentality. What if society, in general, were compassionate? What if magic was so common that it's thought of, and taught, as though it were physics?

And what if I drop a paranoid and horny young man into that setting and set assassins on him?

You can find my entire novel, Red Initiate, here:

Very proud of this poem. I borrowed the form of Walt Whitman's "Oh Captain! My Captain!" and the result:
"Oh Mind, Sweet Mind."

Why do agents insist on listing a page count without specifying formatting?

10 pages, single spaced, size 10 TNR with extra spaces for email readability DOES NOT EQUAL 10 pages, double spaced, size 12 Helvetica with no extra spaces.

An approximate word count would be much more concrete: 10k to 11k words in the manuscript...

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You know that cheddar dust they have on popcorn? I imagine there must be dunes of that stuff somewhere. Employees probably get coated in it and come home looking like an ambulatory Cheeto

Or they walk in it like Paul Mua’Dib and plant a thumper in the ground to summon a cheddar worm #Dune #cheddar

I'm M. Kuriel and every so often the very real happenings in my imagination spill into this world through this practice of fingers dancing on keyboard.

Or, you could say that I'm a writer.

The best place to see my finger dances:

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