I got up because something was making noise. I had a cat and it was acting strange. I'd left the door of the heater open and thought that was it. It became clear there was a second animal in the apartment. I tried to turn on the light but it wouldn't turn on. I reached for my phone to call someone about it, but somehow I realized I was dreaming. Someone else was in my dream and I felt like they were dreaming too, and it was because posting on the internet had connected our minds somehow.

After I woke up from the last dream I went to post about it here but my account had been taken over by someone else. I thought I might be dreaming again but it seemed too real so I dismissed the idea. I walked to into my bathroom but didn't recognize it. I walked out to make sure I got the right door but concluded that I must just not use this bathroom a lot. It was themed like my grandparents' house. My old martial arts instructor showed up and I immediately knew I was dreaming.

I didn't wake up and everything still felt incredibly vivid. My martial arts instructor told me "of course you're having strange dreams, your blood pressure is skyrocketing". With how vivid and endless the dreams were, I asked him if I was dead. He assured me I wasn't and that if I was well...
woosh, there'd be nothing. I tried to mention the movie Waking Life, but got the name wrong. I asked him if he knew anything about the one I accidently named. I woke up (really woke up) very suddenly.

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