I was at some kind of mall or university and I ran into someone who I thought might know someone who had written a bunch of really detailed notes in a copy of the Voynich Manuscript I found at the library. It turns out they did, but I couldn't talk for long about it because I had to go to work. I tried to get their contact info but woke up while they were saying their phone number.

I kept finding birds inside the house and had to let them out. I couldn't figure out where they were coming from, but as soon as I opened the front door they flew right out.

I went to visit my uncle and stopped at a gas station to buy stuff on the way and it took them forever to get their credit card reader working. When I got to my uncle's there was an electric organ there that I started playing around with. It started picking up AM radio waves and playing rock music.

Saw my grandpa who passed away. We talked for a bit and I got to hug him and he gave me candy.

I'd found a basement to my apartment that I'd never been in before. There were a lot of tools and opened packages of snacks down there, along with a bunch of weird looking bees.

I went to the grocery store. They'd moved a lot of the produce outside and they had a bunch of big round tables people were sitting at. Apparently the inside of the grocery store had three floors but they were only using one. Someone's younger cousin kept following me around and bugging me.

I was in a quiet little city and someone new there was talking about how nice it was when the train rolled through because otherwise it was eerily quiet around. Someone who'd lived there a long time commented that when the train rolled through it was so loud that you couldn't hear the music. When it was really quiet around and you listened closely you could hear the subtle sounds of the town and distant accordions playing a pleasant waltz.

I was at some kind of hacking related conference and they didn't have any chairs to sit in while watching presentations so everyone was supposed to bring a little mat to sit on on the floor. People would also sit on their mats in groups in the hallways and form little impromptu restaurants and stuff.

I went to the grocery store but they weren't scanning any items, you just had to guess at how much money you owed them and filled out a really time-consuming form on their computer with an amount you thought would cover it.

I was on a spaceship that I think was a school. I was new there, and I might have been from the past and dealing with futureshock. They were doing an improv night. There were these massive planet-sized space ships you could see out the window. When they travelled they left a glowing red swirl that tapered off into a point the direction they were going. My friend's sister worked on one of them. Every once in a while, all the students would go home to really normal suburban houses.

There was a marketplace I went to where you could buy fresh produce and everything was in Dutch.

I was Bart Simpson and I had to leave home early to catch a bus, but ended up convincing Marge to take us to a volcano instead. Then I was at the store and decided not to buy anything but I didn't want to leave without anything so I got a pack of gum. The cashier opened up my gum and took a piece. Then I had a to go to a dinner with the landlord for a place I wanted to move to and everyone was trying not to make a mess so it wouldn't look like we were messy people who would be bad tenants.

I watched a cartoon someone made to advertise their AI startup where the whole thing was just cartoon people praising how functional a cartoon robot was.

I was in highschool but I was wandering around the school instead of going to classes. I got on an elevator and it turned out that in addition to going to another floor it also went sideways and became some kind of shuttle that traveled outside the school.

I was traveling to a city on a light rail train. Someone announced over some loudspeakers that they were going to shut off the power in the surrounding area. They shut off the power but the train had enough momentum that it still got to the city. I'd forgotten to bring a jacket but I'd brought a laptop I had to uselessly lug around. I got off the train and when I went to put my mask on there was a little soccer ball in it.

I visited a small town in Florida where they had a giant castle that had collapsed in on itself, but you could still go inside and take tours of it. I didn't want to tour it but I needed to use their restroom so I went in. I ran into one of my friends there and apparently they knew the owner of the place. You were required to where a hat while you were in there and there were a bunch of random hats strewn about.

There was a dark room you could go into and offer up pizza to some sort of powerful being and if you did you would gain an immense amount of power, but when I went in there they didn't want my pizza for some reason.

I visited a business that did Icelandic translations. They also sold a bunch of random English books. I talked to the owner of the place and they said that the books sold really well.

I lived on the fourth floor of an apartment building and decided to take the stairs, which ended up going through other people's apartments. There was some kind of bacteria I was supposed to try to grow that would grow in the shape of objects, but I didn't want to bother taking care of it. I watched a remake of Kung Fu Panda where it abruptly ended like 20 minutes into the film.

There was a big circle of people sitting and hanging out on the floor of a giant room. They were doing some kind of quiz contest and my group went first. The person running the quiz read all the available answers to choose from, but I wasn't paying attention. They refused to read the options again and spent a bunch of time adjusting their glasses. After a long time they reread them and I got the question wrong. A friend I haven't seen in a while was there and they thought it was kind of funny.

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