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I got a whole pile of random stuff from a thrift store that all used to belong to the same person. Some of the contents included a bag of cat food with a large wad of cash inside and a wrapped up brick of something labeled "For Ned - Do Not Open". I visited the house of someone who was somehow connected to the original owner of the stuff but I never got a chance to ask them about who it all belonged to.

I had a bunch of blankets and a pillow set up in the middle of a sidewalk because I liked sleeping there sometimes. There was a comic that me and another person could edit the speech bubbles on and we sometimes used it to communicate.

I went to a highschool reunion that took place somewhere with a lot of confusing hallways. I kept trying to meet people who I never really talked to during highschool. There were also a bunch of demons hiding around somewhere. I met someone who I didn't even remember from highschool and they were pretty cool so I hung around with them for a while.

I was trying to work as a children's book author at the same time as being a programmer. As part of the writing process I decided to climb a mountain while carrying a shopping cart. A scout troop led by my highschool's choir teacher was also climbing the mountain. I got to the top and there was a little shack. Some people came out of it and someone started throwing flaming frogs out of it.


I was walking around outside and I thought about texting someone I'd dated in highschool and decided against it, but somehow I still did or they texted me or something but they didn't really say anything so it wasn't a big deal. Then I ran across one of my old neighbors and talked about why I can't eat at McDonalds and where power really exists in social interactions. Then I had to go and catch a spider with a jar.

I ran into someone I'd met previously at a party. Apparently I'd donated money to them at some point and they told me I'd accidently claimed it on my taxes during two different years. I realized that they were actually refering to a different time I'd given them money, back when they were older and I was Taylor Swift.

I went to some kind of ceremony and I wasn't sure if I was allowed to bring food in. I saw some friends I haven't seen in a while and I wanted to sit by one of them but someone else took that seat. I kept getting texts from someone, but I didn't have their real name in my phone, just some kind of abbreviation, and I couldn't remember who it was.

I was walking around a house and something kept setting of the fire alarm. It turned out to be something in the laundry room but no one seemed to be very concerned about it. It was cold ouside but there was a big heater that was leaking heat out of the house so there was a spot you could stand in near the house where it would be warm.

I was back in my highschool chemistry class except we were learning biology this time, even though I'd already taken a biology class. Someone entrusted me with a bunch of film negatives that showed they'd committed some sort of petty crime and they wanted me to go to the school's library to get the film developed.

I was watching a movie based on Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It didn't have any video game characters in it and it took place in some kind of simulated reality that the players could manipulate with their minds. Players got the upper edge on each other by recalling certain memories or getting their opponent to recall certain memories, which they would switch back and forth with the game world.

I went fishing in a swimming pool and caught a really weird looking fish that was almost as big as I was. I was going to try to catch more fish but we were out of lures.

I went to a climate change protest and there were a bunch of other people there for it but they left before the protest was even scheduled to start and I was the only one left. I went to go try to run an old interactive version of the movie "Jungle 2 Jungle". Then I went into a bathroom and tried to burn some plastic with a lighter, but the lighter wouldn't stop releasing propane and it started puffing up and I ran away because I thought it might explode.

I was at the store thinking about rotoscoped animation. I found out that someone had gone missing and the only bit of evidence was a piece of paper that was stamped with red ink. The stamp was normally of a person without a face but someone had drawn in a face. The cat was there too and he kept trying to jump on my head.

I was hiking in the desert with some people and we were walking up a trail that lead to a big flat area at the top. I was impatient so instead of taking the trail I climbed up some rocks. There were a bunch of small plants in the flat area and apparently some of the people I was with were botanists who wanted to gather edible plants and serve them at a café owned by another member of the group.

I was talking to someone about how newer school gyms weren't being built with the right sound absorbing walls and it made them echo a bunch. Someone had made a video where they played the recorder in an old school gym and a new school gym to prove it. I went to a history class and they mentioned Esperanto. One of my friends who speaks Esperanto was there and I talked to them a bit in it.

I was in college and I had to figure out where my next class was. I sat down in a field where someone was giving a presentation about a job people could apply for so I could look at my schedule. Someone called my name and it turned out to be a bunch of people from the school's administration. Apparently someone was accusing me of dropping a banana peel on the ground that they had slipped on, but it was at some point in the past and they couldn't really provide any context about where or when.

I was at a bookstore with friends but they didn't have a good selection and instead of letting you wander around and look at whatever you want everyone had to walk in a big line that passed all the shelves. Some people from my highschool were there at the same time as us. Later there were some evil people who could send a pair of magic lips around to try to follow us but we were safe somehow because one of my friends kept forgetting the words for basic colors.

I was outside and a bunch of people were sitting in the road, showing solidarity for a truckers' strike and trying to get in the way of a bunch of scabs. I ran into someone from the fediverse who I'd apparently been room mates with at some point and who just graduated from something. I also ran into someone else from the fediverse while walking down a hill. Later I saw a bunch of tiny mugs with little pictures on them and I was trying to pick one out to drink out of.

I was rowing a canoe around on a lake near the shore. I saw someone else and decided to row so that their was a bunch or trees obscuring them because I wanted to give them privacy. Later there were a bunch of other people in canoes and I lost my oar, but there were a bunch of broken oars floating around so I figured it was probably one of those.

I was sitting at a table with someone and they were asking what my plans for life where and I wasn't really sure. Then it turned out that the room we were in was connected to a big stadium and I started leaving to see what was going on in the stadium.

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