"When the ghoul was torn from me, he tore the flesh from my throat. I gasped for breath, could only hear dull sounds and before it got completely dark I noticed someone taking me in their arms."

[Spoiler] Angrily I put both hands on his chest and just yelled »Nizzre'« and it seemed as if all the energy in me was being discharged into him and I watched with frightening pleasure as his nerves glowed, his skin burst and his clothes caught fire.

Why do some discord channel feel more like "you're only visible, when you pay"? 😔
I really should delete this crap ...

Flamerule 5, 1361 DR

After what felt like an eternal march to the east, I finally reached ›Ramshorn‹ in the early morning hours, a city that was already visible on the horizon a day's march before. As I stood in front of the huge gate where a dragon could get through, I looked along the seemingly endless wall that protected the city. […]

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[Spoiler] Flamerule 5, 1361DR

[ teleyal.blog/s/iCttt ]

[…] I was just sitting at the table, a young Tiefling with a tight top and a small brown jacket jumped around me, whose energy seemed to be endless and didn't even let me answer a question. »You ar

Is anyone aware of a #fediverse live streaming service? Like Twitch or something else?

Alturiak 10, 1361 DR – Ykril POV

It seemed to be a quiet day. No guild was calling because someone broke his arm again and there was nothing to do at the farm. When I was about to make coffee, a small blue lizard sat on our kitchen table […]

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Uktar 18 - 20, 1360 DR

What a fall. However, bipeds do not always seem to land on their feet. When I saw her lying unconscious, I started to worry a little bit. What if my pretty one doesn't wake up again? I could never look into her sparkling black eyes again, which are both intimidating and seductive. […]

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Characterfacts: Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal

[ teleyal.blog/s/Bgz3N ]

Her second name was the name of her maternal grandmother Isur'Ra Baivneth. She can speak Drow incl. sign language (learned from her mother), common (learned from her father), elven and undercommon l

Kythorn 3, 1361 DR

[ teleyal.blog/blog/1361dr-kytho ]

When I arrived in ›Cesterfield‹, I booked a room at ›The Guardsman‹ and threw the bag I had wrapped this disgusting Minion in into a corner. The last days he hardly said a word. All attempts to get the location of Tarlyn out of him failed. This little beast is tougher than it looks. The only thing I got out of him so far were immoral offers that were more than freezing cold. […]

New Ko-Fi post ☕ Map of Elos and Taranis. The home of my two protagonists, and the starting point for the story. It's still under the working title of Those Left Behind. I'm sure I'll think of a proper title soon enough.


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