Eleint 22, 1361 DR

In the early evening, when it began to dawn, I strolled with Nimri through the market place of ›Ramshorn‹ to fill up our supplies for the journey. The wounds healed well, but still hurt, and yet I decided to move on, as I did not feel very comfortable in this city. Today is one of the few days when I could move through the city in peace without mask and cape. […]

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Dustin: [about the Mind-Flayer] It believes it's the "master race".
Steve: Like the Germans.
Dustin: [offended] Uh, the Nazis?
Steve: [embarrassed] Yeah- yeah, the Nazis.

Eleint 15, 1361 DR

After Sanise proudly told in the taverns how Tarlyn died and showed the guards where the body was hanging, we could stay thanks to the bounty a little longer in ›Ramshorn‹ and let my wounds heal. It's now over a moon ago and slowly only scars and pain remained. […]

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Eleasis 3, 1361 DR

I regained consciousness in my room at the tavern. Nimri lay on my right side of my neck and Sanise had cuddled up from the left. Slightly frightened I briefly lifted the blanket and took a look. At least she had left me my panties on, which is not exactly what one could say about her. One had tied a bandage around me, which was probably meant for the wound on my back and shoulder.…

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The dagger was forged by a dwarf named Galder at the request of Naldela's father Cadran Teleyal, in 1310 DR with the finest Mithril, which he had collected on his way to the Underdark. The family rune was later burnt and enchanted by Faral. So he takes over the magic of the wearer, which charges him electrically in the hands of Naldela, at Faral the blade burned and […]

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Naldela's main weapon is her battle staff. With a length of almost 4ft 7in, it's more a short staff, which proves to be useful in close combat due to the blade at the lower end.
In order to use the staff to its full extent, it needs to be attuned to the carrier.

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From the actually only one planned week, is now unfortunately already nearly a whole moon become. This morning Sanise burst into my room excitedly. »I think I found him« […]

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Art by @Ami_onna@twitter.com

[Homebrew] Snow-Festival

The Snow-Festival is celebrated with much joy and begins with the first Snow in the second week of Nightal (12th month). It is a Festival with divine roots, but today it is usually associated with the telling of brave deeds, homemade gifts and the preparation of great feasts by moonlight and festive lighting by magic and fireflies. […]

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[Character presentation] Claudia Crane

Claudia already showed a preference for violence as a child. At the age of 8 she broke out of the cage in which her parents kept her and killed them in the most brutal way. Her penchant for violence has remained and proved very useful, with her knowledge in deception and intimidation, […]

CW: contribution contains clear depictions of violence


At a young age, Naldela proved an extraordinary pupil of storm magic. Faral herself took over the training of her daughter over many years, during which her father died of old age after 103 cycles in the circle of the family. With the loss of her father and role model she struggled with high levels of aggression and determination, forever altering her abilities. […]

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Nothing is known about Nimri's past. What is certain is that he was something different before. Naldela is still guessing what he might have been and because of his behavior she estimates that he was a male human.

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Sanise was born in the upper class of Ramshorn. She quickly showed that she was bored with this high society and therefore spent more time in the poorer districts of the city. When she met Naldela she quickly realized her chance to learn more about the Underdark and experience for adventures. […]

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Ykril is an Aasimar orphan, raised by the human farmer couple Akim and Kira Rëihlar, who found him in a basket by the road.
Because of his wings and the fact that he is an orphan, he never had many friends and so he was more interested in science and animals. […]

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Sunih is probably the closest family member for Ykril. Even though she is younger than him, they are connected by a very strong bond, which the two have developed over the years to such an extent that they can feel and find each other again over very long distance. […]

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Start packing Sanise

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»Start packing Sanise. We got to get out of here.« »So, how was the night? Nimri came back all excited, but wouldn't say anything« »Because he still can't talk« We quickly packed our things and set off. At the edge of the forest I looked back at the city again. »Why do we have to leave? Was the night so bad?« »No, it wasn't« I answered her [...]


"When the ghoul was torn from me, he tore the flesh from my throat. I gasped for breath, could only hear dull sounds and before it got completely dark I noticed someone taking me in their arms."

[Spoiler] Angrily I put both hands on his chest and just yelled »Nizzre'« and it seemed as if all the energy in me was being discharged into him and I watched with frightening pleasure as his nerves glowed, his skin burst and his clothes caught fire.

Why do some discord channel feel more like "you're only visible, when you pay"? 😔
I really should delete this crap ...

Flamerule 5, 1361 DR

After what felt like an eternal march to the east, I finally reached ›Ramshorn‹ in the early morning hours, a city that was already visible on the horizon a day's march before. As I stood in front of the huge gate where a dragon could get through, I looked along the seemingly endless wall that protected the city. […]

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