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So now I'm here I feel I should tell you all that the third book in my series of nanofiction and serials released last week on Amazon!

You can buy it for $2.99 or it's free on Kindle Unlimited

You don't need to have read the prior books in the series, but I'd love it if you do.

Second run through will address grammar, and hopefully consist of most of the polishing. Then it's off to the beta readers while I go through it for my third edit run.

Initially it's going to be broad strokes changes. Major plot reworks, character reworks, that sort of thing. Gramatically I won't hugely care on the first run through.

Got about 2.5 hours of editing to do tonight. That should let me knock down a couple of chapters. After my read-through for notes is done the actual modification begins!

Started listening to Brandon Sanderson's Skyward on audible. I really like it so far!

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#Brexit is like how I play most strategy games and tabletop games.

Make stupid moves and hope it works out.

Then I have to, you know, actually improve the inked bits I guess.

Covered two chapters in red ink last night. Ten to go!

Sorry about all the ukpol but would you believe what's going on here today

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Looks like that Brexit deal is down in flames as per the legal advice

Properly excited to get cracking with the first edit of Thalassian tonight.

I think the only current use is as a language in world of warcraft. But they don't get to own that, since it's literally a word.

Thinking of titling my novel "Thalassian" which I think should be different enough from a lot of other books. Will have to do the full SEO search first though

Wondering if this is what the aura of a migraine feels like.

I've never had a migraine so wouldn't know.

Still feeling a vague sort-of shadow of my weekend headache today.

Finished the character descriptions on Saturday, tonight the REAL editing begins! Better get that virtual red pen ready

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