hello everybody
this is the account, an italian instance.
We'll share the most important article from the website here.

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@liaizon Not personally, though they use @writefreelyhost to host that instance.

@matt @writefreelyhost I was actually trying to ask NoBlogo not you but my app auto added your handle cause you shared their post

@matt Not that I don't appreciate your prompt answer! is a cool project and was hoping it was them who was joining the fediverse

@liaizon @matt is a 13 years old website born similar to but after more than 10 years we get bored with wordpress and felt in love with & .
so nothing in common with apart the similar cool name.
we belong to devol association that is running too.

@noblogo @matt was the name originally a reference to noblogs? thats awesome youve been running it for that long. how many people are in your association?

@liaizon @matt we're a small team by 5 members. the reference was from the "No Logo" book and that we wanted a blog network different from the mainstream "blogo" blog network
We liked the assonance to as we share same values
the network was running really nice till 5/6 years ago then we faced so many attacks & huge google penalization, then we had so many issues, we decided to start over again, fediverse & writefreely are exciting like & on early 2000!

@noblogo @matt really great to hear the backstory thank you! welcome to the fediverse!

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