New to the Fediverse, still finding my way around. I'm a Brazilian who fell in love with winter living in Canada. I'm reading all the time (sci-fi and fantasy). I love hiking, writing, (not all) heavy metal music, tea and lots of quiet time.

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@noisydeadlines Hey welcome to the and the Fediverse! Seems we've had many Douglas Adams fans join recently. Here in the south of England we finally had snow for a day, it was magical. Watching kids and their indefatigable efforts to make three-tier snowfolk never gets old. Love the domain name btw!

@wordsmith Thank you! Glad you liked the Douglas Adams reference :) It's been a mild snow-season this year, not having so many extreme cold temperatures (in the -20C or lower) so it's been a fun winter! Loving walking outside while the snow is falling. It is magical.

@noisydeadlines welcome to fediverse!
but i have to say winter in Canada is really freezing! XD

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