I helped to make a movie that I really like and now it’s on Amazon Prime: amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B08

Tell your friends! Tell your mom!

Oh my god, just leave me alone, Red Horde, I'm not interested.

Huh. For some reason, our award-winning, 100-seconds-long short film TIME PHONE has fallen out of the internet.

So here it is again!

It's not too late to get a copy of October's really big giant zine, starring YOU, as the signals analyst.

Or, of course, subscribe from issue 1 and if the postal service still exists, get this month's issue straight to your door in two years!


Oof. drive.google.com is such a graveyard, or maybe a battlefield, strewn with the limbs of real and imagined projects, partnerships, scripts, friendships.

Now serving up issue 19 of my zine, Not Art. This month, we do away with such tired ideas as 'narrative,' and 'jokes,' and turn our attention to devious puzzles!

Get one delivered at patreon.com/NotArt, or sign up to start with issue 1 and enjoy this pocket puzzle hunt edition 19 months from now!

...y'know, if you want to.

I don’t particularly know anyone I can tell about this, but it brings me some joy: twitter.com/textfiles/status/1

(Wait, is it weird to link to a tweet here?)

Somewhere around 2/3rds done writing the new season of scripted sci-fi podcast Frequency Earth!

While you wait, why not enjoy a bonus episode, our best-of season 1 live show!

Transmissions: Continuum, Damned Man, Doc Fiendish, The Box, Pet Tank, Time for Art

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Even though I didn't write it, I'm posting this video I worked on for Planned Parenthood here on writing.exchange because I don't have an account on rotoscoping.forever:


Posted fresh and hot today, the season one finale of Frequency Earth - a scripted comedy podcast about a guy in space listening to broadcasts from Earth.


(available in apple podcasts: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/fr
google play: play.google.com/music/listen?u
and everywhere else)

Robert Walker meets Patrick Duffy on a train. They hit it off and decide to help one another out with certain 'problems,' criss cross.

Both men are immediately arrested and given lengthy jail sentences for murders they didn't actually commit.

I do a lot of forgetting-to-look-at-mastodon, even if it is the social network I'm most enjoying at the moment. Where do you use it most, desktop or mobile? And if mobile, do you have an app you especially enjoy?

I'm celebrating the completion of publishing a year's worth of spy comedy short stories in zine form by reprinting my first issue and giving it away!

If you'd like to receive a free issue in your real life mailbox, you may order one here: normalwebsite.com/company-stor

"I'm glad we're not sourcing anymore experimental zydeco music," I said.

"That's what you said about klezmer powernoise, and look where that got you," she shouted back to me.

I threw another accordion from the upper deck of the hovercraft. If I had any great affection for them I'd wince as the reeds splintered between great alligator jaws. But lighter boats are faster boats, and faster boats aren't eaten by reptiles.

One for crowd, in case they're not the crowd…

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"I'm happy to hear we won't have to source additional experimental zydeco music," I said.

Not so much a micro-story as a terrifying behind-the-scenes look at my podcast project, and wouldn't you know it, there's a new episode out today!

**Season 1, Episode 6: Ship's Log**

ON THE SHIP: The Jeff wonders how he'll ever complete his mission, especially without a log of his adventures.

TRANSMISSIONS: Snake Gameshow, The Journey, Round Pizza, Radio Circus


A package waiting on the doorstep. Must be the first.

"First of the month, fish of the month," he thought.

Every month the same card, "Happy 30th, Dad & Rita." He was 33.

He’s not fond of the fish, but he’s not fond of decorating or explaining himself at Christmas, so he hangs them up. Rows of mounted fish, having filled the hall, begin to creep into the guest room where they will unsettle holiday guests. Not least Rita, who had long forgotten her gift of what she'd assumed would be food.

I'm a video editor and animator from Los Angeles, where I produce 100+ live comedy shows a year and need new board game friends.

As a writer, I'm about to publish the 12th issue of my monthly zine featuring an ongoing spy comedy (www.patreon.com/notart) and a scripted sci-fi podcast about a guy traveling around in space to pick up transmissions broadcast from earth (www.frequency.earth)

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