"I'm happy to hear we won't have to source additional experimental zydeco music," I said.

Not so much a micro-story as a terrifying behind-the-scenes look at my podcast project, and wouldn't you know it, there's a new episode out today!

**Season 1, Episode 6: Ship's Log**

ON THE SHIP: The Jeff wonders how he'll ever complete his mission, especially without a log of his adventures.

TRANSMISSIONS: Snake Gameshow, The Journey, Round Pizza, Radio Circus

"I'm glad we're not sourcing anymore experimental zydeco music," I said.

"That's what you said about klezmer powernoise, and look where that got you," she shouted back to me.

I threw another accordion from the upper deck of the hovercraft. If I had any great affection for them I'd wince as the reeds splintered between great alligator jaws. But lighter boats are faster boats, and faster boats aren't eaten by reptiles.

One for crowd, in case they're not the crowd…

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