I do a lot of forgetting-to-look-at-mastodon, even if it is the social network I'm most enjoying at the moment. Where do you use it most, desktop or mobile? And if mobile, do you have an app you especially enjoy?

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@notartist haven't used anything but Tusky on mobile, been good so far.

@notartist I have an Android and I've been alternating between looking at Mastodon on my Chrome app and Mastalab on the Play Store.

I use probably Mastalab on Android the most. I also use on desktop a good bit as well.

This is also one of the nice things about Mastodon though. Forgetting to look at it, since it's not trying to addict you or get you to look at it more.

@notartist Tootdon on iOS has been good to me the little I’ve used it.

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