I'm still at the point in the process where the month-old everyone-lives happy-ending sex-scene AU crackfic short story is a kiloword longer than the canon story I've been working on writing and illustrating for the last year or so.

The sex story is now 8800 words long and I still have one sex scene left to write; the nonsex story is but 6090 words.
On the other end of things, I've built a first draft of the illustration model in Minecraft, and am debating how to proceed with that as an art reference, because it's bigger than the draw fog will let me see.

The sex story is now 11k words; I wrote another sex scene, and there's still one sex scene to go before the conclusion.
The non-sex story now has a much better idea of the scale of the building's interior, thanks to some found blueprints, and now I'm redrafting the entire bloody convention center on paper.

Imagine a modern pyramid, glass-sided, in the middle of a major city, on the waterfront.

How steep are its sides?

This is my present /#writing dilemma. If it's too steep it looks weird; if it's too big the lower floors' interior volume is unwieldy and outside window-walls are unusably shallow.

Please comment; this is too free-form for a poll.

Will try different height ratios tonight, for a square pyramid of width 2 and heights 1, sqrt(2), 1.5, 2, and 3.

I'm interested not just in how they look from the outside, for the building's exterior, but the inside, for the building's atrium.

I'm probably gonna have to do a first-floor floorplan to figure out how wide the pyramid base needs to be, because the ultimate size of this thing will be determined not by the atrium, but by the biggest ballroom.

Ballroom: outbuilding-ified
First-floor floor plan: completed
Height ratios: chosen
Face mask: sewn
Groceries: off to get

You know railfans?
But for elevators.

Such people exist, and document their finds with YouTube videos, and it's mildly helpful to learn of the different patterns of elevators-on-an-angle.

I've built in Minecraft a model of the convention center at the scale of 1 block to 5 feet, and am now testing angle of repose stuff for the atrium.

A 1:1 slope ratio is confirmed claustrophobic, which doesn't surprise me. On to the next ratio!

Should I post screenshots now, or just add them to the WIP worldbuilding blog post?

Work on the pyramid continues; I think an interior atrium width:height ratio anywhere on the taller side of 1:1.5 works great. On the outside, however, things start to get a bit Transamerica Pyramid if the building is three times its width, so I'll probably aim for less than that.

12200 words in the sex AU, and I think I have an idea of where the final sex scene will end.

But there's still probably a couple thousand words left in the story. :|

And the illustrations on the other story yet to go, as well.

13289 words, including one phoned-in sex scene. This story's is completed; it just needs edit passes for pronoun matching and all the other things, like typos.

And the art for the companion story.

me: "I should build an art-reference model out of Lego"
also me: "I should do this model in Minecraft instead"
now me: "I wonder if making this out of lashed bamboo skewers would be better"

Artblock status: "I wonder if it's because the arting computer is in the wrong room in the house."

Okay, 1:3 width:height right triangle ratio makes most sense for the central atrium. Something closer to 1:sqrt(3) for the outside, I think.

With the dimensions decided, now I can put a model in situ somewhere in a Minecraft world, or a physical model in a blanket-fort land of my own construction.

Worldbuilding post updated with my notes on the final dimensions of the pyramid, an aside on geometry, and musings on how to model the thing: irradiate.space/worldbuilding/

The musings haven't changed; I'm just writing them down outside Mastodon.

This is the in-progress physical model of the convention center, which I'll use as an art reference for the three-ish outside shots of the convention center.

Of course, if you give a worldbuilder a building, he'll want to make a city. Which is why I'm now dinking about with again, to make a slippy map showing all the different approximate sites I'm considering for placing the city that holds this convention center.

Writing little history-blurbs for cities on the seashore, towns on the river, metropoles by the bay.

Learning Blender lowpoly modeling and sculpting to get a better terrain reference for this city, because building a huge 1 inch to 100 foot scale model in the workroom floor just isn't high-fidelity enough.
That scale works out to 1 Lego stud to 20 feet, and that's an awkward scale to build Lego buildings in to populate the city. It's also hard to place buildings on sloped cardboard/cloth hills.

So, back to Blender, and converting low-fidelity topo maps to terrain.


Making terrain progress for this city illustration. But I have no real idea how to get color or shading in , especially if the setting sun's light will be coming from down-valley, to the bottom-right of this image.

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