The thrilling conclusion to this work: The Pokémon region of Noram:
This is a settings document for a region based on North America, suited for your , , or RPG scenario.
Complete with:
- labeled map
- factions
- plot hooks
- game mechanic suggestions
- asides on and game maps
- Attributions-NonCommercial license

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New short story:

This is the story of a guy going about his job, doing what's needed and necessary in accordance with regulations.

Fanart by me of @cryptovexillologist 's excellent scifi serial "Mission Critical": a political cartoon criticizing the Earth Restoration Agency's plans to colonize the habitable exoplanet Malang.

Read her story here:

Making terrain progress for this city illustration. But I have no real idea how to get color or shading in , especially if the setting sun's light will be coming from down-valley, to the bottom-right of this image.

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This is the in-progress physical model of the convention center, which I'll use as an art reference for the three-ish outside shots of the convention center.

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Conversations in the today led me to contemplate a Looney Tunes/Dune crossover.

Here's a ~150-word opening scene I wrote:

And here's my photo edit of Yosemite Sam in Sting's codpiece:

Like, I have the map image, distorted to EPSG:102009, the North American Lambert Conformal Conic projection. And I have a script that should be breaking that image into tiles. But either the tiles or the map are borked, and I'm leaning towards it being the tiles.

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Knives Out posting, misinterpreted signs 

Three knives out
Three knives out
See how they stab
See how they stab
They all took after the author's life
Who cut off their dole, independent life!
Did you ever will such an end to a life
As three knives out?

Dammit, I don't need another writing project. Especially not a crossover between End of Evangelion and Poul Anderson's Long Night timeline. But here it is, website template and all.

minor Terra Ignota spoilers. 

Oh. So that's where Romanova is in .


Map editing question: Is there a tool that will let me draw lines across multiple separate images, as seen in this screenshot? The images are separate tiles of a .js , and I'd like continuity of linework between them without having to count pixels. Preferably without having to manually place images.

Early-story minor spoilers for Char's Counterattack/Beltorchika's Children 

Here's two takes on Bright Noa catching up with his son, who he hasn't seen in a few months. In the film, their meeting is pretty much all business, about where Noa's wife and daughter are. In the manga, the beard provides some lightness to a depressing scene.

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This instruction image is honestly the image macro I've seen for telling someone to go do a highly risky job, particularly as pertains to giant robots.

(scan is from the review of the sets)

Early-career fiction writers who've never been in an MFA program can apply for the Adina Talve-Goodman Fellowship at One Story:
Applications close Nov 15th, no fee to apply.

Hmm, looks like "sensitive content" just blacks it out, not collapses it.

Another drawing in the DND campaign, this time as a flying fireball chest.

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Dang, he did Gurren Lagann and Diebuster as well. No wonder the FranXX mechs feel similar to Quatre-Vingt-Dix.

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