Here's the latest stage of my thoughts on in :

Still incomplete, but with a better grasp of where I am in the process, and what's next.

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I sat down to try to draw some conclusions from my research on in , and, well, there's still a lot of stuff to research. I'm at a point where I need to either read or watch the original Mobile Suit Gundam, as well as rewatch half a dozen other things, just to fill in the gaps.

I thought I was farther.

Dunno how they did it, but AGE manages to hit some of the same soundtrack notes as Band of Brothers, in an appropriate but unexpected way.

In my continued quest to understand , I've at last finished watching ZZ.
For a break, I watched Gundam F91, which focuses on the scheme to establish Cosmo Babylonia. It feels thematically related to Zeon, but there's no explicit Zeonism. Yet I wonder if I should include it in this review of Zeonism.

Recent website work:
- cleaning up my notes preparatory to another round of research on in
- finished a draft for @solarsymposium - posting a short story originally posted to Tumblr
- continued wrangling of map code for a thing

My analysis of Zeonic thought has been updated through the end of Zeta .

I'm guessing that Double Zeta will establish Char's ideals in the setup for Char's Counterattack?

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In Zeta it's confirmed that Von Braun city is built around the footprint of Neil Armstrong. This is neat worldbuilding detail, but

Why do I feel that it's sacrilege?

Things that I would like to do today:

- photoshop a bunch of mobile suits without heads
- continue work on
- write a bunch of cards

What I will do instead:

- wash hair
- continue work on back yard pavers
- something with the kitchen moulding

Here's the ongoing draft of my write-up on the variant strains of in :

If there's stuff you think I should add, please tell me!

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As much as I like the Clop class, I must say that the most-realistic protagonist spaceship design in Universal Century is the Garencieres. Its decks align with thrust gravity.

Early-story minor spoilers for Char's Counterattack/Beltorchika's Children 

Here's two takes on Bright Noa catching up with his son, who he hasn't seen in a few months. In the film, their meeting is pretty much all business, about where Noa's wife and daughter are. In the manga, the beard provides some lightness to a depressing scene.

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After reading Beltorchika's Children, and after rewatching Char's Counterattack, I'm still undecided on whether Bright Noa looked better with or without a beard.

Alright, I can't watch any more Build Divers. The protagonist is waaaay to much of a self-insert for the viewer, and the show is way too much of an advert. Too many coincidences.

Following up to this thread of and rumination:

I have built a chunk of hangar bay for the two mechs I built, but i find I don't have sufficient bricks available to flesh out the concept beyond one wall. So I'm gonna photograph and maybe illustrate my WIP, and then put the parts back in the box until I have enough to progress.

Will also scan some of the thinking sketches.

There are a lot of nonsensical and sensical ship designs in the multiverse, but the Sinope-class has to take the cake as a sensible design. It's a mobile-suit carrier, clearly built for thrust gravity. The carried suits stand on the engine block.

Another 0083 detail that I'm lowkey amazed by: in zero gravity environments where men wear magboots, women in formal contexts still wear heels.

Now there are three interpretations for this. The uncharitable one is that it's character design sexism. The middling one is in-universe sexism. The charitable one is that women wear magnetic heels and have developed stupendous calves to compensate for nonexistent ankle support.

Another nit to pick about the universe: why drop colonies? Is there a shortage of asteroids to drop in the Earth Sphere?

But in review, yes, there is a shortage of droppable ones. A few asteroids were moved there,, but they're all gigantic compared to colonies. It makes sense that spacenoids would drop colonies, which are symbols of Earth's intrusion into space, rather than asteroids, which are native to space and full of resources for the spacenoids.

But also the lack of ecological/social management in the space colonies seems very lassiez-faire. In Kim Stanley Robinson's 2015 novel Aurora, the closed ecology of a space habitat is vigorously monitored and is occasionally manipulated for crowd control. In , colony operators allow tanks to be driven inside the colony, and no one notices when mobile suits walk in an unsecured airlock.

Either every colony takeover begins with subversion of the colony's command structure, or incompetence.

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The common argument for in the universe is that they're more maneuverable and versatile than wheel/tread/winged vehicles, particularly in zero-gravity space where the principles of can be used for propellant-less maneuvering.

So of course they fight mobile suits with mobile suits, because mobile suits are superior.

I'm just surprised by the lack of dedicated ms-killer fighters covered in medium-power ball turrets or missile tubes.

People have uploaded 00 doujinshi to The Internet Archive's book archives. I'm less surprised by the fact of it, and more surprised that I was surprised by the fact of it. Meta-surprised.

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