How odd that there is no Seven-Ten List from a Utopian publication. Cousins I can forgive; there's probably a law against such a thing. But surely Utopia has such a list?

An exhaustively-plotted, poorly-researched, somewhat-thought-out delve into cultures and memes forming the Hives in , with a particular focus on the SF Bay Area memespace:

A post in which I play with .

Remind me to post my post-reread takes on The Will to Battle when I get a chance.

Terra Ignota minor spoiler, shit-talking Neal Stephenson 

If Neal Stephenson had written Terra Ignota, it would have ended at Seven Surrenders, with Bridger's story.

A list of lists about Terra Ignota 

List of Reservations
List of past Anonymi
List of Nicknames of J. Mason
List of victims of Mycroft Canner
List of recognized Utopian constellations
List of U-beast species
List of set-set training paradigms
List of Hive capitals

Terra Ignota thoughts 

Right in the beginning of Too Like The Lightning, Mycroft tells us that Mukta circumnavigated the globe in 4.2 hours. That's ~25000mi/4.2h ~= 5950mph, 9850km/h, 2.6km/s. Wolfram says that's Mach 8 at sea level.

A vehicle that has gone that fast is the X-43:

But when the cars hardly ever crash, O, what a crash!

minor Terra Ignota spoilers. 

Oh. So that's where Romanova is in .


No matter eyes Utopian visors show to each other, I think that Utopia would still show human eyes to non-Utopians, for the same reason that Utopia does not build weapons.

Fear the day they shed their humanity.

Terra Ignota: The Will to Battle spoilers 

I wonder if Greenpeace will split from Mitsubishi, and if they do will they join with another Hive. Utopia and the Cousins both seem like possible merger targets, but Utopia would be too likely to (carefully) mine the land for resources, and the Cousins too likely to use the land. Mitsubishi, at least, values the land for what it is.

Charles Stross said that in order to have a good novel-length speculative fiction story, you need at least three world-changing what-if ideas.

In I count:
- Bridger
- J.E.D.D. Mason
- The Six-Hive Transport System
- Utopians
- Bash'es
- Hives in general
- Mycroft Canner's backstory
- the whole gender mess
- Black/Grey/White Law
- set-sets
- Apollo Mojave's Illiad
- The Mardi bash'

Each of those on their own would be a story. Here, they're just the setting.

Terra Ignota: The Will To Battle spoilers and speculation 

Kraye/Perry is the sort of spiteful that would steal the Masonic Emperor's Oath and not return it, just so that MASON would have to impose Damnatio Memoriae upon Perry, thereby expunging him from all histories of the Transformation that Perry was a party to and (partial) cause of.

Cornel MASON's hate for what Perry did to Madame and Jed's birth bash' would be bottled, and Perry would have it fester.

Terra Ignota: Will to Battle spoilers, but also art 

A scene from that I would dearly love to see in paint, but have not the skill to do:

When in the sensayer's Conclave, the moment after Utopia responds to Gerber's attempt to kill Tribune Mason, showing at once all the U-Beasts and Utopians, as well as the sensayers, Mycroft, and in the middle of it all, Jehovah surrounded by a blazing pillar of light, roughly from Mycroft's point of view near the door. By James Gurney.

The creeping classification of books in is inspired.

The first is approved by everyone who could censor it.

The second is restricted, but generally approved for circulation.

The third is top secret until such time as nuclear weapons aren't an issue, but also until MASON says so, and MASON — the one person entrusted with capital powers — will exercise those powers over you if you misuse the book.

This, Ada Palmer sets the scene for the penultimate novel.

A question: J.E.D.D. Mason hasn't gone for His Adulthood Competency Exam, but is of adult age.

Does He shave?

Didn't get to finish my second reread of : Seven Surrenders before having to return it to the library, but I did get far enough that I'll be revisiting my predictions in the upcoming days.

A observation: Ada Palmer never tells us how the trackers work. They're defined by how they appear in the story:

- attached to ear
- used to make phone calls, text messages, video calls, as general-purpose computers
- health monitoring, calls emergency services
- displays screens to eyes
- not a visor
- global positioning system
- electronic
- by virtue of the above facts, a global person-tracker and -locator

What we don't hear about:
- battery
- radio frequencies
- AI

If Cornel MASON could meme, he'd turn to Bryar Kosala and the Comte Déguisé and say: "My Son knows what you did in the da-a-a-a-ark,"

Though I'm not sure who would join in on the drums.

Having finally started reading , I present you with two pieces of content:

Art of an Utopian and their U-beast:
What if J.E.D.D. Mason put on a Utopian visor:

Credit, as always, to @cryptovexillologist and for introducing me to this series.

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