Random detail free for the taking: A city where all buildings have doors painted solid colors to reflect their public usage. Homes and private spaces have doors of unpainted wood or other materials.

I'm going to regret this, but I'm now seriously considering writing up a Bionicle-based neoreligion as procrastination from all my other work. irradiate-space.tumblr.com/pos

An exhaustively-plotted, poorly-researched, somewhat-thought-out delve into cultures and memes forming the Hives in , with a particular focus on the SF Bay Area memespace: irradiate.space/worldbuilding/

A post in which I play with .

blood, free ideas for a story 

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blood, free idea for a story 

Charlie Stross, again with the tropes, this time as a taxonomy of cliches. antipope.org/charlie/blog-stat
If you liked things in the "Falsehoods about names" genre, collected at github.com/kdeldycke/awesome-f, then the antipope link above is for you.

Map editing question: Is there a tool that will let me draw lines across multiple separate images, as seen in this screenshot? The images are separate tiles of a .js , and I'd like continuity of linework between them without having to count pixels. Preferably without having to manually place images.

Idea inspired by twitter.com/Orbitaldropkick/st : A human character who had their head removed; their system rearranged to place the brain and other important bits elsewhere in their body; their "face" presented via hologram and the usual senses replaced with something akin to DND's blindsight dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Blindsig via other sensors.

Got some of that about a magical-mecha-based replacement for Quidditch written up: reddit.com/r/rational/comments

How would you, a student, get up to shenanigans in with magical mecha? I'm very curious as to what you'd do.

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What if that one "Youkoso Jyapariparke" fan-dubbed Destiny 2 trailer described a race of mechanocytic beings that must maintain coordination in order to not fall apart? In this post, I elaborate upon the ideas, and suggest some video game mechanics. irradiate.space/worldbuilding/

idea: a religion whose holy text comes as a box set, where the box has room for two books but only one book is in it.

Everyone knew that the pharmacist worked at CVS; their devotion was draped around their neck. It was a custom-knit scarf, a foot for every year of service, carefully styled to look like one of that pharmacy's notorious receipts.

Consider: Thor, God of Thunder, but his damage type changes. Instead of starting with Mjolnir, upgrading to raw lightning, and finally getting the Stormbreaker axe-hammer, Thor starts with the Gjallarhorn en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gjallarh, upgrades to claps and yells, and finally wields Sexy Sax Man's Saxophone

Another 0083 detail that I'm lowkey amazed by: in zero gravity environments where men wear magboots, women in formal contexts still wear heels.

Now there are three interpretations for this. The uncharitable one is that it's character design sexism. The middling one is in-universe sexism. The charitable one is that women wear magnetic heels and have developed stupendous calves to compensate for nonexistent ankle support.

A near-future detail: the next generation will simply call all computing devices with GUIs "screens". Your phone is a personal screen. The TV or computer monitor is the room's screen. The conference room's projector is a screen. The monitors on a battleship's bridge are screens. Everything is a screen.

Inspiration: twitter.com/tamarakeithNPR/sta

If I were the sort of designer prone to theatrics, any command-and-control center on the ships I build would be buried deep under armor. The external "bridge", positioned optimally for naval warfare and receiving face-shots from mobile suits, would contain a disguised turret. Or in the case of laser weapons, retroreflectors.

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