Plugged my personal laptop into my work setup of monitor, trackpad, and chair. Hrnrnrnrgh

if you were wondering what happens when (doesn't allow the letter E) meets (only allows the letter E):

@SuricrasiaOnline You seem like the sort of person who would want to keep a personal wiki, but would not want to maintain the wiki infrastructure, and so you rely on folders of text files and a good grep

I personally don't think "the internet but it's in 3D" is actually a step forward. imo it's a step back---hypertext feels higher than 3 dimensions

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Now that Winnie the Pooh has joined Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny in the public domain, we can make a Winnie The Pooh where Rabbit is swapped out for a rabbit in a smoking jacket send toot

The thrilling conclusion to this work: The Pokémon region of Noram:
This is a settings document for a region based on North America, suited for your , , or RPG scenario.
Complete with:
- labeled map
- factions
- plot hooks
- game mechanic suggestions
- asides on and game maps
- Attributions-NonCommercial license

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Oh wait nope the {% link _path/to/ %} file had a future date in its date: metadata, so the file didn't exist by Jekyll's recognition. d'oh.

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Nothing like going to try to publish a worldbuilding exercise from 2019 (to get it off your plate) and then discover that Jekyll won't build the site for some reason after you upgraded your build server's OS

oh hey here's chapter 31 of astielle and also i remembered that i should use a hashtag so that i have... a hashtag. idk. #fiction

Yeah, that's part of my anxieties about approaching my doc for ADHD screening to get things to help with focus.


And when they go on their honeymoon, will they fly on the Netherlands' flag carrier?

"Math related" is really vague and "keep in the house" makes some assumptions but I'd guess it's a flashlight that's kept in the garage or shed.

@KittyUnpretty I don't know if is maintained anymore, but I've used it in the past to provide little "click here to play" buttons or "the rain splattered across the cliff" or "fuck him!" audio snippets in the text. It's not automatic fade-in, but it's at least a button the user can click for audio.

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