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In a landmark decision the German Constitutional Court has ruled that mass surveillance of telecommunications outside of Germany conducted on foreign nationals is unconstitutional.

Artblock status: "I wonder if it's because the arting computer is in the wrong room in the house."

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Superficial hypothesis about the Nature of the Internet 

The best part of the internet it was formatively based on American free speech jurisprudence, and the worst part is that it was formatively built on American business practices

(even if the Supreme Court is still stuck on "is it more like a radio or a newspaper?")

Thanks to once-upon-a-time suggestion by @cryptovexillologist I'm now reading Italo Calvino's "Invisible Cities", which is a real trip. So many different ways of looking at cities, not as built environments, but as the stories they tell.

international day of appreciation for cis and/or cis-ish people with complicated relationships to their genders

me: "I should build an art-reference model out of Lego"
also me: "I should do this model in Minecraft instead"
now me: "I wonder if making this out of lashed bamboo skewers would be better"

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13289 words, including one phoned-in sex scene. This story's is completed; it just needs edit passes for pronoun matching and all the other things, like typos.

And the art for the companion story.

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12200 words in the sex AU, and I think I have an idea of where the final sex scene will end.

But there's still probably a couple thousand words left in the story. :|

And the illustrations on the other story yet to go, as well.

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Work on the pyramid continues; I think an interior atrium width:height ratio anywhere on the taller side of 1:1.5 works great. On the outside, however, things start to get a bit Transamerica Pyramid if the building is three times its width, so I'll probably aim for less than that.

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New chapter of Mission Critical! The crew banters, commits crimes against food and semantics, accuses each other of being furries, and finds something very alarming.

Read from the start here:

I've built in Minecraft a model of the convention center at the scale of 1 block to 5 feet, and am now testing angle of repose stuff for the atrium.

A 1:1 slope ratio is confirmed claustrophobic, which doesn't surprise me. On to the next ratio!

Should I post screenshots now, or just add them to the WIP worldbuilding blog post?

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an academic paper on the vernacular architecture of minecraft

You know railfans?
But for elevators.

Such people exist, and document their finds with YouTube videos, and it's mildly helpful to learn of the different patterns of elevators-on-an-angle.

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Ballroom: outbuilding-ified
First-floor floor plan: completed
Height ratios: chosen
Face mask: sewn
Groceries: off to get

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holy shit did I not mention that longtime comics friend/fellow weirdness enthusiast Cryptovex started writing JOB SATISFACTION FIC and it is a goddamn riot?

this arrived during my funk so I forgot to scream about it. dreams DO come true

Will try different height ratios tonight, for a square pyramid of width 2 and heights 1, sqrt(2), 1.5, 2, and 3.

I'm interested not just in how they look from the outside, for the building's exterior, but the inside, for the building's atrium.

I'm probably gonna have to do a first-floor floorplan to figure out how wide the pyramid base needs to be, because the ultimate size of this thing will be determined not by the atrium, but by the biggest ballroom.

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Random thought: you know how books from centuries ago used to have verbose titles, more like what we call a blurb now, and in time we sort of learned to make them manageable? Is there a name for that, or any place where I can read about it?

Imagine a modern pyramid, glass-sided, in the middle of a major city, on the waterfront.

How steep are its sides?

This is my present /#writing dilemma. If it's too steep it looks weird; if it's too big the lower floors' interior volume is unwieldy and outside window-walls are unusably shallow.

Please comment; this is too free-form for a poll.

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