Hi, folks! I’m wondering how many of you might be interested in an organized peer commenting thing? What I picture is a group that commits to reading each other’s stuff and giving some kind of constructive/critical feedback. We’d negotiate lengths of drafts and what we expect in response, of course, but I would love to read people’s stuff and get feedback on mine. Let me know if you’re interested.

@orionkidder I say this withthe note that I am not actually that good at giving notes and feedback but I can do try!

@DuthOlec We'd work on as we go and see if it's a good fit. If not, no hard feelings. Finding a writing group is a bit like forming a band, but that is specifically what I came here looking for.

@mara_cav_ Cool! We'll see whether this goes anywhere and whether it works if we try it, but it's good to know some people are interested.

@orionkidder I'd be happy to give feedback of the ruthlessly too-honest variety...

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