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📌 He/him, 30s, Tired

🔩 mostly about and and bikers and drag queens, proud father of

🔥 Trying to separate my writing and art from everything else.

💩 I'll try to keep my personal bullshit over on weirder dot earth.

❤️ Thanks for having me!

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Current Project: Ash & Zeke 

Ash is the kind of guy who walks into a leather bar in the Midwest wearing makeup, a feather boa, and six-inch heels, and asks the handsomest daddy there to dance.

Zeke is that daddy.

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Other thing I : kinky Road House fanfic (albeit at a glacial pace).

Here’s the tiny gobsmacked & infatuated Zeke

⚠️ cw: Zeke Tiddies ⚠️

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(drawing with eye contact)

I’m getting to know Ash better, he even allowed himself to be drawn!

There’s a tiny gobsmacked & infatuated Zeke down at the bottom too.

the best part about being a writer is rereading stuff you don't remember writing


there are now two separate roadhouse fanfics. they're multiplying. send help (second one is the obvious crossover with To Wong Foo...)

i've got like twelve files open and no executive function, i have never finished anything in my life

but i'm having a good time and that's what counts

jeez, it's been such a struggle to figure out the actual plot for and i've made like zero progress in weeks But Suddenly........

my silly road house smut fic that was mostly a joke is now an earnest poly romance, why does this always happen

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“you don’t need to describe outfits in great detail” what a heterosexual thing to say, how dare you

i’ve written a lot! all of it wrong

me, , looking at my notecards, spreadsheets, and diagrams: Okay so this is gonna have to be the main conflict for the first book. And I’ll just save all this other shit for books two and three.

me: ... (bursts into flames)

I'm really failing at this whole "writing alt" thing.

writing snippet / food, suggestive of lewd 

Zeke takes a bite of shawarma, closes his eyes, and lets out a growl of pure ecstasy. "Damn, that's good. You're a hell of a cook, kid."

I'm pleased at the complement, but mad that he's still calling me 'kid'. I tease, "You know you make sex noises when you eat, right?"

"Nah," he says, unfazed. "I make food noises when I have sex."

I try to be casual about the way I'm suddenly choking on my soda.

writing thoughts 

Getting the feeling that Zeke's relationship with Ash has elements of events from his past, not exactly a do-over, but kind of.

writing, extras 

There's a white haired gent who's a regular at Ophelia's and all I know about him is that he works at the local Cramathon warehouse and he's never gonna be able to retire.

He rocks a denim on denim Springsteen-type look.

I think maybe he wears a collar and belongs to one of the leathermen.

Anyway, what a cutie!

"Howdy. Gandalf the White couldn't make it in today, so I'll be yer wizard this evening. Name's Randalf. Randalf the Plaid."

Oh my God, I wrote a scene. A scene and a half! And they're somewhat close to the beginning of things! I could cry.

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okay here’s the story of how i fell in love with my uber driver on the ride from my job in Muggleton to my hovel in Butchfirg several years ago... nothing exciting happens, he was just so strange and beautiful that i never got over it

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can't believe i've never really looked at forearms before but good god this movie is well-lit

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I will be writing a serial fiction one toot daily for the month of October.

I don't know exactly how this will turn out but I'm excited to get started!

So without further ado:

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