My editor: "These chapters are great! I only have a few notes!"

Me after looking at the "few" notes:

All dolled up in my "writer's block" tee for my first in-person writer's meetup in ten years!

The has given me a grant to write and research my WW2 historical fiction novel! Ahhh!

I believe so much in this project, and this will help me make it the best it can be!

Cookies and cream ice cream with brownies. Kale said it "tasted better than Boston Pizza's" which, from him, is higher praise than Gordon Ramsay saying he's outclassed.

Teambuilding with : Look over this list of songs and match them with the staff!

Me looking at the list of songs:

Today is Trans Day of Visibility. Trans people are an important part of human diversity, and you cannot respect human rights while denying trans rights.

The best way to protect vulnerable children is to encourage them to explore who they are.

Birthday noms! Cream cheese pound cake (with chocolate and cranberry toppings), Japanese milk buns, honey sesame chicken & seitan, and brussels sprouts.

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