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Editor loves my first three chapters and is excited to keep reading! Still so much work to do on the novel, but I'm accomplishing what I want to do.

I'm creating a unique, entertaining plot that combines modern tension with older mystery while exploring my ideas.

First three chapters of my Sci-Fi murder mystery are at the editor! Hopefully she is entertained.

Working with a new editor/mentor, and really happy with the feedback I'm getting. Lots of excellent criticism and she really seems to get and celebrate what I want to do while pushing it to be better.

Today is Trans Day of Visibility. Trans people are an important part of human diversity, and you cannot respect human rights while denying trans rights.

The best way to protect vulnerable children is to encourage them to explore who they are.

Applying for my first writing grant.

Am I likely to get it? Who knows! Tried to balance between "putting in enough work that they can tell I'm serious" and "not putting in so much time it actually takes away from writing"

Birthday noms! Cream cheese pound cake (with chocolate and cranberry toppings), Japanese milk buns, honey sesame chicken & seitan, and brussels sprouts.

This is great news. This was one of the big pillars of the Black Lives Matter protests, and it's been a smashing success.

Weekly accountability. Haven't been the best so far this year in 2022—I haven't hit a weekly writing goal yet. But I'm still moving forward.

I figured out the secret to compelling characters and today I'm sharing it with you!

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