Hello Fediverse, I’m Pete and I’m back on the Writing Exchange! I’m an avid reader and aspiring author, hardcore minimalist, and eclectic husband to my beautiful wife — who clearly has a lot of patience to put up with my quirks. I come alive in fall and winter, hibernate in summer, and function normally all year long with copius amounts of coffee. I also have a deep love of analogue tools and workflows, despite being a tech fanatic. Feel free to follow me here and on my blog.

@pim 👋🏻 Hey Pete! Fellow writer here. Nice to meet you! What are you currently reading?

@AaronCrocco Cheers, nice to meet you as well! I’m about to start reading The Library at the Center of the Earth, by Harry Marks: hcmarks.com/2022/05/31/fyi-the. What have you currently got on the go?

On a side note, anyone who drives a DeLorean is an insta-follow. 👌🏻

@pim Sounds like a cool book! I'm almost done with The Institute by Stephen King. It's been a good read and very Stranger Things esque.

Thanks about the Delorean! I'm a giant BTTF nerd.

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