macOS certainly has issues but MY GOODNESS is it ever a world of difference once you:

- use any Linux DE for a long stretch of time
- switch back to macOS

I have yet to find any all-encompassing Linux "system" that feels as well thought out as macOS. Linux is certainly superior in terms of user control at a deeper level, but more experience is needed to tap into those "features".

Design, ease-of-use and attention to detail cannot be overlooked. macOS just does this better.

Linux :linux: : great customization
Mac :apple_inc: : : professional and clean
Windows :microsoft: : hot garbage

@kev @allinone0 @tdarb If macOS and iOS didn’t exist, I’d go back to Linux for sure. Microsoft couldn’t pay me to use that dog’s breakfast. 😆

@pim @kev @allinone0 @tdarb I don't think I could do Linux again. Did it for way too many years before in the corporate and startup worlds.

@mpmilestogo @kev @allinone0 @tdarb Ironically that’s how I feel about Windows. Used it for far too long back in the day, and don’t miss it one bit. In fact it now serves as my perfect excuse not to help people with their tech support questions. 😂

@pim @kev @allinone0 @tdarb I never cared for Windows much either. Ended up using it way too many years in corporate IT endeavors. Now I shiver when confronted with Windows or Linux. Hahahaha.

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