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What's life like without Facebook? Honestly, it's great.

I only talk to people I want to interact with.

No psycho ex-girlfriend contacts me.

If people want to know how I'm doing, they pick up the phone and call me.

It's a good life.

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Fed an ant to the spider living in the corner of our bathroom, in case anyone’s curious how my day is going.

New iPhone setup inspired by Canoopsy and using Clear Spaces. Not sure of its utility beyond seeing the wallpaper or for screenshots. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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So, yeah. Let's just... not? Instead of hoping for a future where every concept is assigned ownership and rent extracted at every opportunity, let's build an amazing gift economy where we make and share cool things that lift everyone up.

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I'm learning to compartmentalise stuff in my life!

Meaning, not allowing things that happen in one aspect of my life to adversely affect the others. 🤭

It's hard, and we're human after all! :blobcatgiggle:

But, it's important it's done, as I think we should approach everything with objectivity, and if any residue should remain from happenings in our life, it should be the lessons learnt from them! 😇


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Two decades of Alzheimer's research may be based on deliberate fraud that has cost millions of lives:

I remember seeing an item on the TV not long ago where the presenter was puzzling over why drugs that successfully targeted amyloid plaques did not seem to have any effect slowing or stopping the development of Alzheimer's. I guess now we know 😕

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Look hard enough
And you will find
That you can see
The #potential
In even the smallest
Of things


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So would you rather track the click in the email or have me read the article? 'Cause my network will block your tracker URL, and I can't be bothered to work around it. So you get neither.

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They say life
contains but one moment:
We wait
for life to happen
lament over the past
seldom live
in that gift
anxiously awaiting
the big
when in fact
it’s a tide of moments
crashing into our shores
eroding the cliffs of our perception
pebble by pebble
leaving only sand behind
memories flowing
through consciousness
like an ever spinning hourglass
and we are always waiting by
bracing for the stop

truth of who you are
and the answers you need
themselves only in
calm between fears
dryness between tears
in breaths that pierce the silence
providing shelter from life’s entropy
crashing upon our senses
our resilience
like stormy waves
eroding the rock of our strength
and battering our resolve
listen in those moments
for they will provide what you seek

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Another in a series on living a life adapted to climate collapse.
"My diet is fairly healthy but is very simple and cheap. Don’t let anyone tell you a healthy diet is expensive. Anyone could do this diet or a variation and save money, and reduce carbon. "

#climatecrisis #climateemergency #climatecollapse

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Rather than do anything useful today, I thought I'd run my 3 favorite typewriters side-by-side to see which I prefer. Tough call!

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I moved my blog from WordPress to Jekyll static pages, making damn sure all permalinks of the last 12 years are still the same. That not a single backlink lost its target. Because I care.

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Stark warning from Scottish biologists on recent discovery of catastrophic decline of Atlantic plankton. I don't think folk realise, or want to realise, just how serious our planetary situation is.

"An environmental catastrophe is unfolding. We believe humanity could adapt to global warming and extreme weather changes. It is our view that humanity will not survive the extinction of most marine plants and animals.”

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What do you call giving 3.14 stars to something? Pirating.

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