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Photographers should give serious consideration to winding down on Instagram. Publish to your own website and, if you must use a platform, try Flickr. It is so much better for photography in every way. Instagram will be only TikTok-like videos soon.

October Photoblog Twenty-Five 📷

[gravity] — suggested by @mroutley

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To paraphrase Lydia Lunch

#Socialmedia is vampire; a mass of suckling vortex where the magnitude of personal insignificance is replaced by a fraudulent over-importance. Fools you into thinking you can't; tricks you into feeling necessary, urgent, important ... When in actuality you wouldn't raise a whisper on the radar screen. Not even a cog in the wheel; the ghost in the machine. No social media needs you. You need it; like a drug, an artificial stimulant which accelerates the pulse ...

October Photoblog Twenty-Four 📷

Autumn is when I finally start enjoying a [connection] with nature again. — suggested by @ceruleansounds

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That feeling when you receive a call at 2am greatly varies with age.

Age 20: Hell yeah, where's the party at?!

Age 40: Oh shit, something really bad just happened.

October Photoblog Twenty-Three 📷

Things may not always be clear at first glance. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the big picture to truly understand the [meaning] of something. — suggested by @ronguest

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The biggest mistake us early adopters made was allowing Twitter and Facebook to be so big for so long. We should have moved on 5–10 years ago and convinced our family and friends to too.

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October Photoblog Twenty-Two 📷

[rest] suggested by @crossingthethreshold

October Photoblog Twenty-One 📷

This empty [space] once contained cookies. Needless to say, they were delicious. - suggested by @dfj

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Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card

October Photoblog Twenty 📷

As you can clearly see, I’ll never say no to [sport]ing a good hat. - suggested by @greghiggins

To everyone who has left such wonderful compliments on the Tufte theme — as well as several already enjoying it live — and my appearance on Micro Monday, thank you so very much!

Truly, I am humbled. 😊 🙏

October Photoblog Nineteen 📷

[mirror] image - suggested by @amit

October Photoblog Eighteen 📷

[finished] - suggested by @ericmwalk

Level 47 achieved.

Now can I join the Q Continuum and finally grow out that midlife ponytail?

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