There's been a tension in the Apple community for a handful of years — because of the bad keyboards, the changing ports, App Store restrictions, enforced software signing in macOS, and more. Just recently I've seen people exploring Windows and Linux, including myself.

I'm starting to wonder if Apple pushed things far enough that they're running off some of the die hards. Speaking for myself, the thought of using old Apple hardware (2015 and earlier) with Linux seems very appealing.

And the Framework laptop has me wondering if Apple hardware really needs to be part of the equation at all.

@mike First I’ve heard of this, seems like they’re hoping to bring some competition against hardware like Purism and System76.

@pimoore it’s such a great idea for a laptop — completely repairable and upgradable with documentation and the machine itself is actually pretty slick looking.


@mike You can clearly see who they got their design cues from, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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