Level 47 achieved.

Now can I join the Q Continuum and finally grow out that midlife ponytail?

@wouter Thanks man! 🙏 Only issue is most of my bucket list is vacations and I have neither the money nor the confidence right now to travel. I need some better options on there, apparently. 😆

@pimoore That's easy, how about an Aurora 88 or a Sailor Naginata?

@wouter Hmm, not familiar with either of those pens except through hearing of them before, but I’m going to look them up. I can use the argument with my wife that pens are less expensive and longer lasting than a vacation. 😂

@wouter Holy shit, that Sailor pen is over $2000. You can run that one by my wife, not stepping on *that* land mine. 😬 😂

@pimoore haha it depends on the tip you want but yeah, a more modest approach would be the Sailor Pro Gear or so.
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