In recent weeks the pubs and restaurants have been allowed to open. I have enjoyed visiting favourite watering holes, sitting around with friends and family talking and drinking real cask ales! It is though a little strange being served by staff wearing masks, but if that is the price we have to pay for a degree of normality, I can live with it [..]


When academics are telling us that in certain circumstances 2+2=5, when numbers are described as a variable, or that “treating math as a universal upholds white supremacy”, one can't help but think we have disappeared a long way down the rabbit hole.

Why would you want to consider the alternatives when fanning the flames of division is such a money spinner?

Why do the media, celebrities and the useful idiots of the white middle class insist on this programme of self flagellation?

It has become quite apparent that covid-19 is a disease that disproportionately affects the elderly. The risk of children dying from or spreading the condition is tiny.

So why do the majority of schools remain closed, and what damage is this doing to children's education, their mental health and their future opportunities?

Sat drinking the first Costa coffee in three months, watching people going about their business. Something so simple, and yet it lifts the spirits to see a return to some semblance of normality.

Racism may be a problem, but we should not be so blinkered as to exclude any other possible causes for the inequities in society.

Just as our predecessors did, we need to work for the common good, one that improves the lives of all disadvantaged people, and gives them the opportunity to succeed on their chosen path, whatever their ethnic backgrounds. To that end, all lives matter.

I don't dispute that inequality is still an issue today but the reasons are nuanced and so much more complicated than the slogans on the placards would have you believe. I have and always will be an advocate for equality of opportunity for all, and if the present campaign was designed to help all disadvantaged people, you would have my support.

I have always thought that the way to bring people of all backgrounds together and to fight inequality is to emphasise those aspects that unite us.

The roads are solid. Trying to get to the pet shop involves crossing the motorway. Coast bound, the traffic has ground to a halt. Cars trying to avoid the hold up are diverting onto the local roads, causing chaos. It is like a regular Bank Holiday. You wouldn't think the lockdown is still in place.

The Cummings effect there for all to see, everyone is looking for their own personal Durham.

“You're either with me or you're against me” is the mantra by which many live their lives these days. There is no nuance, there is no attempt to understand, there is no tolerance.

I heard a chirping coming from the kitchen. On investigation I discovered a blue tit had flown in threw the open door and was now trying to find its way out through the closed window [..]

I've been editting my blog theme again, and finally I have found the look I like! Feel free to use the CSS on your own site.

The cognitive distortion we see in relation to covid-19 has led to levels of anxiety out of all proportion to the risk. The upshot, and the far more likely outcome for some children, will be lasting damage to their education and future prospects.

Woken at 4am by the dog. Feeling something akin to jet lag now. Bloody infuriating, will be a struggle today. I wouldn't be without him though. My black dog has helped keep *the* Black Dog at bay. And when he looks at you with those big brown eyes, you can't stayed annoyed with him for long!

Today I stumbled across another post on Twitter suggesting that the coronavirus is in fact spread by 5G technology. Why does it appear so many people believe these conspiracy theories to be true? And then I remembered Arthur C Clarke's Third Law [..]

I cannot believe that someone as politically astute as Dominic Cummings would not have known the reaction that was likely to greet news that he had broken the lockdown regulations. Was his decision to travel to Durham a genuine error of judgement or did it amount to hubris? [...]


Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan have each dealt with covid-19 better than most other countries. Is it more than a coincidence that the leaders of each of those countries is a woman?

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