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What's the Point?

Boris Johnson yesterday defended his Chief Advisor, Dominic Cummings, after he apparently broke the lockdown rules shortly after the restrictions had been implemented.

Mr Johnson has effectively re-written the rules for lockdown. Now, when failing to abide by the restrictions, one need only quote Mr Johnson, and claim "I was simply following my instincts".


I have been dipping in and out of Twitter for the last couple of weeks, the first time I have done so in over a year. I know, I vowed to avoid it, but I couldn't help myself. I shouldn't have bothered. It hasn't changed. It is still full of half truths and lies masquerading as fact, angry rants in place of nuanced discourse. It remains the cesspit of intolerance it always was [...]

Black Dog

I had been aware for a few years that Winston Churchill was apparently prone to depression, a condition he referred to as his Black Dog [...]

Thoughts on the lockdown and the potential damage to children's education and their future prospects.

Chronic Health

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, a 2% fall in in employment could lead to a million more with chronic health problems. Can the country afford stay in lockdown for very much longer?

Collateral Damage

The Office for National Statistics had reported that the total number of excess deaths in the UK was over 53,000 in early May. Covid-19 was responsible for 37,187 or 75% of those excess deaths.

What of the 25% not connected to covid-19? What was the cause of their deaths?

Rabbit in the Headlights

According to data released by the Office for National Statistics the total number of excess deaths in the UK was over 53,000 in early May. Covid-19 was responsible for 37,187 (75%) of those excess deaths. For families who have lost a loved one, this is a terrible time, but we need to put the figures into context.


The situation is not simply about the Wealth of the Nation. The country is heading into recession, and we need to consider the overall health of the nation.

Simple Pleasures

With the easing of the lockdown we took the for a walk at one of our favourite locations. It was glorious.


This morning's headlines proclaim "Vaccine for 30 Million Could Be Here by Autumn". The Government has announced a vaccine for nearly half of Britons could be available by September. There is though one small caveat

Writing Exchange

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