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Hello, I'm here because I'm interested in writing, computers and related stuff, and would like to connect with people here in particular. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm planning on making some waves. Or not. More importantly, I hope that I'll find here the motivation to write. Thanks for accepting me in!

Dark mode is for summer and winter only. Light-mode beckons.

⚔️ Rival Love 💕

When you truly love someone, you have an endless desire to defeat that person in board games and video games. For a relationship to be healthy, the partners must keep the win percentages between 35 and 65. Finally, if you adore victory, you should like defeat.

I have not found such love yet, but it seems like this guy is the one for me. Either way, I have never felt like this before.

💕 Distilled Love

Greetings, new citizens!

You must think that genetic and human engineering, from which you are the product, leads to a soulmate from a test tube.

Love, though, cannot be solved automatically. However, with a series of experiments, we can find the perfect partner for every citizen, if we allow some tolerance.

Today you will discover your role! If you are an experimental person, do not worry, we will treat you properly.

Substance abuse 

Using Twitter feels like I'm abusing substances.

Is man dog's best friend? Maybe, but we let them down.

Notifications drive me up the wall. Especially when I'm waiting for one.

🍵 Tea 🍵

Even though I've been drinking tea since I was 20, I just found out today that it's not at all common for it to transport you to a parallel universe. However, each cup allows me to live in a completely different place for a few hours.

I drink it now, and watch as with each sip the teapot disappears, the sky turns green, and the Sun melts to reveal these two small moons in the sky.

I never liked coffee, my gift is just an added pleasure.

I'd give you all some advice about translation, but I'm not good at it.

🍃 Tree of Life 🍃

It is hard to grasp the imagination, especially someone else's. For me, that walnut tree was the source of all troubles. By it, I could best resolve them.

Since I started falling in love with her, I would go there to understand things better.

When she also fell, I brought her there and explained. She understood, said that she had been searching for it for a long time, and said:

"We'll be happy together because of its blessing."

Let's take a moment and reflect on the fact that Monday is returning.

The joy of work, reimagined.

We're strangers to love,
At most one of us knows the game.

I can't commit fully,
There are other guys you'd get this from.

writing tip: instead of using biweekly, which can be interpreted as twice per week or once every other week, use less ambiguous phrasing, like 3.307μHz or 0.827μHz respectively

If the idea of evaluating a book with a 5-star rating was good, Goodreads executes it poorly.

Since I chose Linux for everyday use, my ancestors have been smiling at me, Imperial. Can you say the same?

:pen: Weird Pill

I always found it strange that we must constantly take these pills or die. I guess everybody finds it weird as well. Our understanding is that it's a way of controlling people and making sure we do what is wanted.

The only thing I don't know, is who is the one who made the whole thing up. I don't understand how this happened.

Take your negative feelings, no matter how deep, and see them as just another feature of the artwork of life. You won't feel better, but it's the right thing to do.

My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world.

— Jack Layton

Life got boring, bro. I wish I was struggling for something. Tootiverse remains cool.

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