Hello, I'm here because I'm interested in writing, computers and related stuff, and would like to connect with people here in particular. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm planning on making some waves. Or not. More importantly, I hope that I'll find here the motivation to write. Thanks for accepting me in!

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Hello @pseudonymous and welcome to the! New writing waves are always appreciated :-)

@SeventhMagpie I'm a beginner, so I'm still practicing, mostly unusual short stories, I have one on my blog for example. 😀

@pseudonymous Looks interesting. Makes me think about what kind of knowledge was the professor gathering. 🤔

@SeventhMagpie In my head, he was just hoarding regular knowledge related to his field, and being weird about it, but I like the mystery. Thanks a lot for the comment!

@pseudonymous welcome! I'm also new here. The motivation to write is tricky. Looking up writing prompts in the genre I want to write in often helps me, though I usually have to go through a ton of them to find a good one. Good luck on finding your motivation!!!

@sarahvhines Thank you, but I've still not found a genre or anything. Motivation is fine right now 🙂. I like sci-fi and fantasy though, currently starting the Last Chronices of Thomas Covenant by Stephen Donaldson.

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