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In my renewed effort to move away from proprietary communication products, I have created an XMPP / Jabber account again, and I have installed the Gajim client. I don't remember why I stopped using Pidgin years ago. The features were good, but I guess many of us got lured by the "new" ""world"" of """social""" media and their pimped SMS approaches.

Subscribed to Add ability to boost/favourite a toot on a remote instance github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ -- contains workaround.

How many webmasters stare at their site stats with joy seeing an increase in visitors... which actually are bots from ultracapitalists trying to mine some cryptomoney at their expense. A pest, and this might just be the beginning?

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This weekend I want to bring red evening light to my laptop using F.lux. I feel lazy about tar.gz files and cloning git repos, but there seems to be no Debian packages ready for this feature? wiki.strategicz.com/lmde/doku.

" maecen.com/ is a platform for genuine sharing economy, that offers its users the possibility of creating their own Maecenates, and support others’ through monthly recurring payments" via @kim

Very interesting: "Mozilla is (...) looking at ways to make open source software projects friendlier to women and racial minorities. Its first target? The code review process.¨ Includes analogy with orchestras using blind auditions to hire musicians. blog.mozilla.org/blog/2018/03/

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Birds are weird but at least they have a sens of (bad ?) fashion which is pretty cool 😋

Under which license is the content we author here? Mastodon instances seem to not have any content license by default. discourse.joinmastodon.org/t/a

Wondering which option is tactically better, deleting a Twitter account or keeping it dormant with a post at the top pointing to its Fediverse migration. Feedback welcome! twitter.com/quimgil

There is a subtle difference between "non-conflict averse" (typo) and "non-conflict-averse" (intended meaning). I was happy to catch the typo reviewing a job description.

dock.io invites come in a way that reminds me when a virus would steal the contacts from my friends on Windows and then spam the rest of us. Besides, they use the "blockchain" word just like the "cloud" word was used a decade ago. I wonder what I am missing.

By the way, I'm here today because of a post from @eloquence at lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/. I was considering joining already, but that was the trigger. Thank you!