On women and LGBTQ+ issues, reasonable cis men understand that the best support they can offer is to step down from their own privileges and leave the space and initiative to the victims of discrimination.

The same applies to white people in relation to problems suffered by black people and people of color.

And exactly the same happens in discussions about codes of conduct. If the conversation is driven by the topics from the privileged and not from the harassed, something is deeply wrong.

Foundation Board announces Community Culture Statement, enacts new standards to address harassment and promote inclusivity across projects


New research on and from the Universiteit van Amsterdam says: “We find that Wikipedia editors are integrating new research at an unprecedented fast pace. While doing so, they are able to provide a largely representative coverage of COVID-19-related research."


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If you miss a community of music producers promoting diversity and mutual aid... we just created one and YOU ARE INVITED.


All levels and styles. All genders and colors. Independent and free.

This is a volunteer-driven, zero budget project. Please forward this message to your musical circles!

#music #production

Una persona que ni em coneix personalment s'ha enrecordat de mi, 27 anys després. Ens remuntem al 1992 i el crim d'Estat contra múltiples independentistes catalans.


Va ser en aquell any i per aquells fets pels quals vaig començar a perdre la confiança en l'Estat, en qualsevol Estat, i en els mitjans de comunicació, en qualssevol mitjans de comunicació.

Moltes gràcies, Ramon. Tu i altres detingudes i innocents vau canviar les meves idees. Un dia hem de quedar.

Join our team, work with me! If you have a good hand with CRMs and you believe that knowledge and education should be free for all, we want to know about you.


See also the announcement of our new Wikimedia Movement CRM program at discuss-space.wmflabs.org/t/bu

A fantastic job is awaiting for the person to be hired for this role. Help grow Wikimedia, help grow free knowledge globally!


The USA ESTA application website offers an example image of a passport page in order to find the different data fields. In this example image the country stated is Utopia, and the nationality Utopian.

Well, for such a website I found this to be a nice touch.

Also, the place of birth of imaginary Utopian citizen Anna Maria is the city of Zenith. And her signature is so sweet. Someone has been thinking conceptually here too.

Oceans of Noise: Episode One – Science Weekly

English-as-secondary-language speaker me doesn't say "mesmerizing" very often, or at all. And yet, when I started listening this podcast, this is the word that popped in my mind.

I just listened the first episode and there are two more in the queue. So much to listen.

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Do you know any popculture / fictional stories / comics / graphic novels about and the movement?

With all its problems I think it's one of the most utopian movements out there, giving free knowledge to everyone on the planet. I don't understand why it's so absent in the popular culture.

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Very good reading, all well put in one piece:

The privilege of free time in Open Source

Open Source communities often incorrectly believe that everyone can contribute. Unfortunately, not everyone has equal amounts of free time to contribute...


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RT @kateo

I love these two for making a funny to help people remember the difference.

@vgcerf = Internet, ~1969.
@timberners_lee = WWW, ~1989.
Both of them: awesome, always.

#Web30 #ForTheWeb

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Presenting: The Wikidata Card Game Generator! It uses @wikidata, the free and open knowledge base, to generate fact cards on arbitrary topics, like metro systems, planets, or hackerspaces. Made with @Bleeptrack at the @verschwoerhaus last month. ✨ cardgame.morr.cc

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I wrote up the API I'm thinking about for my #ActivityPub #PHP library! If you're interested in building federated PHP applications, I'd really appreciate if you check it out:


I opened an issue where people can give feedback and discuss the API so that we can make sure it will meet the needs of Fediverse developers. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contribute to the discussion:


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1.5 Million Slavery Era Documents Will Be Digitized, Helping African Americans to Learn About Their Lost Ancestors openculture.com/?p=109682 t.co/uVZlvwiKwM

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