How far will the federation go federating user accounts in different services? Now a user needs to create separate accounts in Mastodon, PeerTube, PixelFed, Funkwhale, and they have different follows/followers in each service.

However, does it need to be this way? Can we somehow borrow's Hubzilla's nomadic identity and be the same user in these different federated services?

What if you could follow someone across these services or just in the ones you'd select?

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@pixelfed @funkwhale @Framasoft @prismo You might have thought about these questions. If you have time, do you mind sharing your thoughts or related links, please?

@quimgil @pixelfed @Framasoft @prismo I can only speak for Funkwhale: in fact, all the federation concepts are very new to me, and Funkwhale was started before I (@eliotberriot) knew about that.

Thus, the whole user account part Funkwhale is very traditionnal. It does not have to stay this way, though, but this would require significant changes to the way the system is currently designed (as well as some research to investigate how nomadic identity works in practice)

@funkwhale I am not a developer, but I have the impression that account creation is very traditional in most of the Fediverse nowadays. Most of what I have seen is based on local accounts, not even OAuth etc seems to be a thing yet. And this is why we have this multiplicity of accounts, prone to explode as all your projects mature and get more users.

In a way it is a good problem to have, but still a problem coming to us. :)

@pixelfed @Framasoft @prismo @eliotberriot

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