What would it take to add federation features to ?

Now that we are seeing so many classical use cases reimplemented with federation (microblogging, blogging, videos, pictures, music, links...), good old web forum discussions could follow sooner or later.

I'm curious what @Gargron @dansup @prismo @funkwhale @Framasoft etc would think about the point and complexity of the task. If you have time to share. 🤔

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@saper @Gargron @dansup @prismo @funkwhale @Framasoft Treating User Trust Level 0 anyone coming from the Fediverse? From that point Fediversal users would have a local record in that Discourse instance, and would be able to earn trust levels just like genuine local users.

@quimgil @Gargron @dansup @prismo @funkwhale @Framasoft but but that would mean oauth like sso only. To me ActivityPub integration would be to exchange messages. How could possibly Discourse accept an activity that contains a link when user trust level 0 cannot post links?

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