WhatsApp account deleted permanently. Following the destiny of my former Twitter and Facebook accounts, which I deleted a month ago and I haven't missed a bit.

Although I wasn't a heavy WhatsApp user, I followed a few groups related with my membership in various associations. I thought about sending a message explaining why I was leaving, free alternatives, etc. I ended up just pressing the "Delete my account" button. If anyone notices and gets back to me, I will be very happy to explain. 🤩

@quimgil what are you switching to for encrypted chat? Wire, xmpp, etc?

@biffbiffbiff I'm glad you ask! :) I have been using Signal, (, and the Conversations app (XMPP) for a while. If any WhatsApp user gets back to me, I will recommend them these options. Or, well, SMS.

I'm interested in offering alternatives for easy conversion away from corporate products. Easy for non-geeks.

I'm interested in learning about your thoughts / tactics / experiences.

@quimgil signal, riot, xmpp are the best alternatives IMO. Mattermost and Rocketchat are good slack alternatives. Wire is good as it uses same encryption Signal.

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