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These days our team is hiring, and I am again very thankful for the usefulness of this tool:

Gender Decoder for Job Ads

Don't let unconsciously gender-coded language to limit/bias the pool of great candidates for your new jobs!

@johl It wasn't in the initial spec, but the Gaffel lobby pressed hard, and...

At the risk of breaching my professional NDA, here you have an excerpt of a real chat at work today:

Thank you very much! This has been a first milestone and here you have not one but two emojis to celebrate:
(sorry, this is all I could arrange with the current budget)

Do you like communities and communications? Join our Community Relations team at the Wikimedia Foundation!

We have a new job opening for a Community Relations Specialist

, biggest community initiative?

Wikimedia Foundation Fundraising Report for FY2017-18 -

$100 million raised from 6+ million donations

The average donation: $15.86 USD.

What activities are being funded with these donations? Check the Wikimedia Foundation annual plan at

Thank you very much to 6 million people who make Wikimedia and possible.

@fediversecast As someone who nowadays listens more podcasts than music, I wondered... What about Funkwhale for podcasts? What about FediverseCast available in Funkwhale?

(Currently I listen to podcasts exclusively from my mobile phone using AntennaPod, so I guess my question is actually whether it is possible and easy to subscribe to podcasts hosted in Funkwhale instances using RSS? Never tried.)

@kevinflo @eliotberriot @funkwhale

@fediversecast Thank you for this new podcast and its first episode.

I'm conflicted between the fact that the show was interesting including most of its rambling vs the investment it requires to listen a +1h podcast. Would being shorter and more to the point help increasing audience? Maybe splitting interviews into different episodes when it's worth it? For instance, Funkwhale + digital rights || funding + future of Fediverse.

@kevinflo @eliotberriot @funkwhale

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Announcing the first episode of a new podcast about the fediverse - FediverseCast! The show will feature conversations with cool fediverse makers and community members, hosted by @kevinflo

HUGE thanks to my first guest @eliotberriot creator of @funkwhale (Funkwhale)


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The B in Benoit B Mandelbrot stands for Benoit B Mandelbrot.

@feijoa I thought this was a good joke of yours. Turns out it was a good joke of Benoit B Mandelbrot himself:

Oh, thank you. You made my morning.

Mafalda - LAS QUE FALTARON [con Rebeca Lane] (Videolyric oficial)

A powerful song about women and history. It has an encyclopedic twist and I want to think that they benefited from the work being done by Wikimedia activists tackling the gender gap:

(via )

@bastianilso @gnome As someone who many many years ago tried to help promoting GNOME releases... this video is just impressive. Congratulations to everyone involved! Also, I knew Karen had a very nice voice, and in this video she sounds totally professional.

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