: Strange Vistas – a blog that dives into a wide selection of movies, anime, books, and games with a unique perspective.


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: Mike's Thoughts (@blog) – an absorbing blog of a former archaeologist and IT manager traveling around Southeast Asia and elsewhere.


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: Science Fiction Short Stories (@blog) – a curated collection from classic and current authors. Great for both sci-fi lovers and those looking to get into the genre:


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: Counting Calories (@countingcalories) – a blog documenting one man's goal to lose 52 lbs in 52 weeks for a good cause, Macmillan Cancer Support.


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: The blog of medic Mikka Luster (@mikka) – a diary about travel, medicine, technology, and whatever else comes to his mind. Fascinating thoughts from a fascinating individual.


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: A World of Writers (@erinlassoff) – a collection of reviews of literary works by underrepresented people from around the world. Illuminating for bringing attention to compelling reads that would otherwise be overlooked:


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: the devlog for Carrot Cake Studio (@follow). The detail @ldurrant goes into about each game design decision gives you a deeper appreciation for the craft, and the in-game screenshots alone are worth a look!


: Poseur to Composer (@poseur-to-composer) – A daily blog about a man's quest to read and play music.

Not only for those who want to learn music, but also for those who want to see what documenting their learning process can look like.


: One Less App / @one-less-app, a collection of capsule biographies for each app removed from the author's phone – what the app is, what value it gave, and why it was removed. Simple yet intriguing, this blog is a unique take on digital minimalism.


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@yourintrinsicself - "Reflections on life, truth, faith, love, introspection, and transformation."

@365-rfcs - Comments on one RFC a day, by @darius

@blog - "here is distant"

@inquiry - conversations with the Read Write.as community; "whatever comes to mind"

@triptych - Games, code, and creative work, by @triptych

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