Good morning everyone, thank you for accepting my join application to this instance.

I am an active user of the facilities, a Staff member and vocal poster at, and now exploring yet another new place.

Joined here to be closer to the source of my favourite, awesome Write.Freely platform. Thank you @matt for it and the Forums, and now the instance I join.

1 / 2 [... argh 500 chars sucks..]

I am an active and opinionated , have various accounts; a good sample of my writing style, presentation at :

...which is my Publisher's account, as of now, for various reasons (post on that, forthcoming).

My main Tech focused Blog is hosted at, a French co-op group offering many services, with great admin and very responsive.

Highlighted post :

Is it Important, which Instance you are in? -->

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If you like follow my accounts (more than one, for various reasons, a post in that topic soon), and you can see these posts.

Also, you can directly subscribe to my Tech blog -- it's in the Fediverse and you can add it as any other user :


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@rgx Welcome! 🎉 Glad you're here, and glad you enjoy WriteFreely so much 😊

@matt Thanks Matt.

I find WF so comfortable, Dark Them on and it's just me, my words, no distractions.

Crisp White text, black background, and it flows.

Absolutely lovely. I even installed a personal instance here at home, on my laptop, for Production work.

Full pages are done here, and when completed, copied to public hosts. Fast saves, instant loads. Yes!! :writefreely2:

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