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Hello, I'm Rosa. I joined to keep myself accountable with the habit of writing. I'll share my ideas, musings, drafts and maybe even microfictions here.

Feel free to ping me if you haven't seen me posted anything - don't let me slack off from my goal.

Many thanks to @matt for accepting me into this instance.

The daily challenges on SoulScribe is a fantastic addition. I actually wrote something just to do one challenge.

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Soul Scribes Fishing Friday 

Today I'm going to be taking part in a fishing competition in the writing gamification site, #SoulScribes ! 🎣

The site is in closed private beta but has just opened up for applications.

The comp involves writing at your own pace until a random fish gets hooked and you write fast to reel them in.

I'm competing against friends.

Scoring is as follows:

🐟 Minnows: 1 Point
🐑 Trout: 2 Points
🐠 Carp: 3 Points
🦈 Bass: 4 Points
🐬 Pike: 5 Points

Let the fishing ... begin!

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Amazon closes publisher account for unspecified "rules violation", refuses to pay outstanding royalties. D:


Published the 1st ever Year's Best African Speculative Fiction anthology Oct last year. said I couldn't get royalties for it till Jan this year. Then on Dec 31st they rushed to shut my account down, j TVust before we crossed over into the near year


Story ideas 


An alien race attracted by human fear begins abducting humanity. Most of United Nations spacemen are trained to remain calm in extreme circumstances, so they have been hidden from the alien's radar. One day a stray psychic-sensitive child ends up in UN space. If the UN treats the child poorly, they will broadcast their emotion of fear into deep space.

#books request, cross-posted from Reddit 

I've been in a reading slump for years and can't bring myself to read anything that's the standard novel length of 300 - 400 pages. The only occasional success I've had were novellas like The Yellow Wallpaper which I loved very much despite it being short.

Now I'm seeking help to revive the joy of reading in me. I'm particularly fond of fantasy, psychological, thriller, horror and lately I'm also trying to get into sci fi.

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Banned books. US POL 

I created a petition you can sign and send to your state officials telling them to not ban books. Sign and share!

Game dev brainstorming 

Gonna test two different engines for a top down 2d adventure and these are the tasks I'll sample:

- change controls for movements, interactions etc
- handle tileset maps
- make NPCs with different animated sprites and attributes
- dialogue handling
- persistence (save load)
- UI, HUD creation
- main & pause menus
- scene changes

Dinosaurs were never truly extinct after all. They live on inside us as reptilian brains, fighting for survival beyond their fossilized graves.

Recently checked out a game called Kind Words that is part of the Jingle Jam 2021 game bundle. It inspired me to say something nice on the internet every now and then, and I realised I don't always have to come up with something witty to say on here.

That being said, what if the timeline we live in now is the result of many save scums?

Then, friends, I'm glad you made it through my save to read this silly little thought.


Signing up for local choir after watching last night's Jingle Jam stream with The Longest John. It's been so long since I sing in a choir.

Contemplating about playing muds to encourage myself to write more

Didn't manage to write everyday for this NaNoWriMo, but hey, new job, a few short stories, a brighter future, I'd still call this month a win overall.

Starting new job tomorrow.

Excited and terrified

I find that whenever I try to write a story in third person, I use *a lot* of dialogues. I literally have the scene playing in my head like a movie, including hearing the dialogues, and I wrote them out.

It's not a bad thing, but sometimes I just feel like I'm writing too many dialogues, as if I'm writing a script. That's not my intent. I want to write a story.

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I should probably declare what I'm doing this NaNoWriMo.

I'm doing what qntm did with his NaNoWriMo in the past - instead of writing one big novel, write 30 short stories. Or scenes. Not necessarily connected with anything I previously wrote. If it does, sure, but no sweat if I want to tell a completely different story the next day.

One of the things I want to do is to spend at least a day writing something with no dialogue, just narratives and descriptions.

600 words yesterday. I made the mistake of overthinking what I was going to write.

I'll know better today.

Nanowrimo - let's give it another go this year!

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Surge is a free and open-source hybrid synthesizer, originally written and sold as a commercial product by Claes Johanson at Vember Audio. In September 2018, Claes decided to release a partially completed version of Surge 1.6 under GPL3, and a group of developers have been improving it since.

New job got! That was really a lot quicker than I expected... It's almost unreal.

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