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Hello, I'm Rosa. I joined to keep myself accountable with the habit of writing. I'll share my ideas, musings, drafts and maybe even microfictions here.

Feel free to ping me if you haven't seen me posted anything - don't let me slack off from my goal.

Many thanks to @matt for accepting me into this instance.

ramble rumble 

What does it mean to be blogging these days? Actual blog articles became SEO cash grabs. Blogging in the original conversational tone have migrated to tweets and toots, less than a few hundred characters and not much room for context.

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if I followed you, it means I read some of your timeline and found you thoughtful, interesting - and wish to converse at some point. 🙂

after all, thats why we're all here.

fediverse has meaning, vs something of the bigs. It's *so* nice not to have a facebook account.

When thoughts are moving at light speed faster than my brain could translate them into words, I am doomed to be eternally lonely, forever unheard.

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Note about the source of this bot 

This bot uses a name generation system made by Aldercone Studio, if you like it we have a whole tool with these things at:

Tiddlywiki got funky between phone and PC via Google Drive. So I'm turning to the most barebone, no vendor lock in method - markdown files.

I'll use Obsidian on my PC and just view the .md on my phone like plain text.

Time to stop fiddling with tools and actually start writing.

Surreal generated text 

From a different generator, for surreal word definitions:

"Nihilism: a drop of the saline, watery fluid continually secreted by the lacrimal glands between the surface of the eye and the eyelid, serving to moisten and lubricate these parts and keep them clear of foreign particles."

"Rose: total rejection of established laws and institutions."

"Society: the planet third in order from the sun, having a period of revolution of 365.26 days, and having one satellite."

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Surreal generated text 

Discovered that surrealist generator is a thing and I actually like the results. Some examples include:

"I'm a pilchard! I'm a live-in lover! I'm worthless! Go on a blind date with the koi carp, go on a blind date with the koi carp!"

"I've never been a crop circle."

"Thou shalt not lie in wait for naked paracetamols."

"Origami bathrobes! Billions of them! All of them retractable! "

For years of my life I suffered from being obsessed with revenge fantasies. Never once did I thought of writing those revenge fantasies down into words. Maybe then my head will finally shut up about it.

Mood right now: Want to do something but not in the mood to do anything.

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mental health ramble (positive) 

Everytime I rant about mental health to strangers on the internet, I feel a lot less alone. So many people feel the same way more often than not.

Says a lot about the state of society when so many are not well, but at least, not alone.

mental health rant 

One of the things that really bother me at the moment is my impatience with text adventures / tabletop RPGs. I want to delve more into them, but I lack patience to read through their settings to the point that I'd rather off myself, but then I want to off myself for not going through them either because I crave that sense of fantasy adventure.

My partner insisted me to get help. I've done my part. Now I hope NHS will offer.

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mental health rant 

Just finished the ADHD diagnosis request form and I am reminded of how spiteful I can get. I hope I can get help for this soon.

Any fediverse out there who make colouring pages? I'm collecting them in any digital formats to colour in with my tablet.

I might not have word counts in my computer today.

But I earned analogous word count from writing my first snail mail letter to my high school friend since we both moved on to separate adult lives.

Might look into Fate Accelerated too for some rule lite rpg action.

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Long shot but: does anyone have an example game session played with Risus RPG?

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Any writers here curious about Soul Scribes? You can sign up to the closed beta now!

#SoulScribes is a browser-based writing gamification site that focuses on developing good writing habits by rewarding small word count increments.

It has a cute theme and world and I have personally found the games fun and encouraging without distracting me from the job of writing.

You can sign up here:

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