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Hello, I'm Rosa. I joined to keep myself accountable with the habit of writing. I'll share my ideas, musings, drafts and maybe even microfictions here.

Feel free to ping me if you haven't seen me posted anything - don't let me slack off from my goal.

Many thanks to @matt for accepting me into this instance.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers

Piped that sucker out the back of smelly shitter

Thank you Scribophile for a quick eye-opener on poetry.

"...any old shmuck can write a few lines about how their heart’s broken and how their soul is black and how it will be forever midnight in their hearts. But it’s the true poet who knows how to use the rules of poetry to make the reader feel like it’s their heart that’s been broken."

Wellbeing article: "If you have a healthy grandparent or elderly family member, just look at what they do. You’ll see the patterns."

They are either dead or in late stage dementia.


Elite: Reclamation by Drew Wager. Reading a novel about a game I spent 500+ hours into has really reminded me of the wonders I experienced when I first played the game. Despite how shit it is now and how much I've given up playing it.

What if we are all dolls?

What if we're all just dangling from thin strings invisible to the naked eye?

Fellow tooters, how do you keep and organise your ideas? Evernote? Index cards? Mind map software? Doodle boards? Sand calligraphy?

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I’ve not done a poll in a while. Let’s find out what side everyone is on!

:blobcat: vs :doggoblob:

Gonna use to write some elder scrolls online fanfic.

Sometimes my fingers feel typey typey. The fingertips crave a certain unique sensation from typing on my not-mechanical but still-loud keyboard. If only I also have a smooth ride of thoughts to write with these typey fingertips.

Couldn't sleep all night last night. Today my head swims in the void all day. It's like I'm on some sort of drug, except I'm not. Just sleep depraved.

Just read an article about group brainstorming being a giant waste of time, because individual introspection gets largely ignored during these sorts of "group collab" sessions.

I wholeheartedly agree. I never manage to squeeze in with my voice among a bunch of people. I also think best when my mind gets to wander a little, without the peer pressure imposed from the presence of others.

But brainstorming alone - that's still very handy.

Spending the bank holiday writing GDscript... it's still writing, right? Right?

"It doesn't matter if you've broken your streak at something. What matters is that you pick it back up." - My ex (still friends), whenever I fail to keep up with a habit, like writing.

I've been getting up later than intended, and while my best creative time is from the shower, I have to go straight back to work after my morning shower, no time for creativity.

Maybe I should take the long overdue bath now and see if that changes things for the evening.

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here's a question for those of you who work in the live audio/sound enforcement:

does it makes any sense to put a subwoofer on the ceiling of a big venue? this is a case in some of the theaters i've seen and it feels really awkward and i have very little clue what that does to a sound. what do you think?

(please boost, I'm quite curious)

#audio #LiveAudio #AudioEngineering #Acoustics

For real I'm gonna revisit the Chinese author I grew up with to resurrect the writing style I once had.

"You are a human, not a duck. If you fill your life up to the brim, without leaving slightest bit of emptiness, you'll be skinned like some sort of famous dish."

- Wai Man Chung, 2007

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