Fellow tooters, how do you keep and organise your ideas? Evernote? Index cards? Mind map software? Doodle boards? Sand calligraphy?

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organizing ideas 

@rosareven for me, it really depends! If they are ideas for one project, I try to make a folder (with paper) that I keep my little notes and scribbles in - when there are sections in the project, I keep clear plastic folders for each section in that folder, so I can sort my notes and scribbles for each section.
When it's not for a particular project, and I just want to collect little ideas, I use index cards, so I can revisit and connect them later!

organizing ideas 

@hrishi I would have loved to use folders and index cards more often if my home isn't such a mess. Once I get my visa sorted for a longer residency in UK, I'll need to start a big clean up project.

organizing ideas 

@rosareven I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for you visa and wish you the best - it sounds like a big thing to handle!
I'm a very messy person, but I've noticed that when I'm in a clean, uncluttered and tidy space, I can work better/I get easier in the flow, so I hope things ease up for you soon!

@rosareven Good old pen and paper for me. Although I also love a plain text editor + Markdown for quick notes when I don’t have a pen or paper close at hand.

@rosareven I have tried a bit of everything, but what really helps me is these two:

- a simple piece of paper for the small tasks
- a software "dump" full of ideas in my computer (kOrganizer in Linux)

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