Inspired by World War Crow green text


"Reggie, what if the tree huggers were right?"

"Right about what?"

"That the human will one day abandon us. That the human has no intention of keeping us fed, and did it purely for his entertainment."

"Please don't tell me you're falling for that bullshit too."

"I mean, I'm not supporting our enemy obviously, but what if...?"

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"The human has done us a good deed. Multiple good deeds, in fact. It's only appropriate to repay his kindness, even if it's just temporary."

"And you don't think he has intentionally started a war among us for his entertainment?"

"I think he is simply choosing who deserves his blessing."

"Reggie, there's no way that makes sense...


"Human- Most human aren't stupid. As much as we'd like to think we are the superior intelligent species, human still have an upper hand over us with sheer size and engineering. You can't possibly think that they care about us in a benevolent way." He was going to imply all human, until he remembered this human attempting to steal his food, and ended up falling down a ditch.


Reggie casted a deep, silent gaze into the horizon of the lawn.

"We have accepted this fate ever since we took that very first chip," said Reggie, "There is no going back."

They said nothing since. On this very lawn where the human has not visited again for a year since the Great Crow War, they continued waiting.

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