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"Reggie, what if the tree huggers were right?"

"Right about what?"

"That the human will one day abandon us. That the human has no intention of keeping us fed, and did it purely for his entertainment."

"Please don't tell me you're falling for that bullshit too."

"I mean, I'm not supporting our enemy obviously, but what if...?"


Steadily approaching them now was a wooden wagon being dragged by a komodo dragon, with a thick rope fastened between the wagon and the stubby lizard's body. The komodo dragon's thrashing movements gave the rolling wagon quite a waggle.

"There it is, the Dwagon! It'll take us to where we need to go."

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"So how do we get there?"
"We ride the Dwagon!"
"Dwagon? Do you mean dragon?"
"No! A Dwagon! It'll stop by here any moment now, you'll see."
"What is this, a draconic fetish? Are you obsessed with dragons?"

The sound of rolling wheels caught their attention.

"I just got my vaccine. The side effect is mild. In fact I feel like writing some code. I just don't think anything I write right now will compile."

"It's better that it doesn't compile, than it does..."


Then it let loose a cry. Gunfires and explosions roared across the landscape. Two women were hidden under a tattered tent, one of them holding onto a newborn infant, holding onto their dear life, literally.

"Maybe... maybe she will end the war."

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The nothingness showed it visions of the scene after its death. A family of lions came feasting on it, ignoring the rest of its herd. One deer was enough to feed many, and these lions were only looking for a meal to get by. Its sacrifice spared the lives of other deers, at least for now. It seemed very pleased.

"What would you like to be next?" The nothingness asked.

"I don't mind anything, as long as help is needed." The deer replied.

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The deer gave in, collapsed under the gaping maw of the lion. It didn't have much time to contemplate everything it had lived up to until this point, for the lion's killing blow was swift and efficient. Its consciousness quickly faded away into nothing.

In nothingness, it asked the void: "Was I a good deer?"

Mortdale snippets 

My grandma lives with my little cousin Anna.
She is a pretty doll, plays with a doll of her own.
She always smiles, never cries, never throws tantrum nor complains.
She doesn't really eat, but that's okay, she's quite plump.
I will be joining them soon.
For what reason, I do not know.
The only thing I've been told is that
Mortdale is a place where you can live happily forever.
As long as the school isn't harsh and the exams aren't too hard it's good enough for me.