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TIL there are blogging platforms for devs. I thought devs would just blog from github?

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a game in which you play as a millennual trying to buy a home while juggling:

- a soul crushing job
- clueless boomer parents
- the awareness that the world is dying but nobody but you seems to care

Totally NOT based on my personal experience

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I wish it would rain all day
I want the patter-on-the-windowpane
I want the clatter-through-the-trees
I want the relentless howls to be heard and heeded
the cackling loose roof tiles and banging, rude doors.

I wish it would rain like she demands an audience
like no one can escape her roil
the people cower and the soil gurgles
drinks in glee
sheets, waves of water commanded to fall.

I wish it would rain.
Just a few big, carefree drops
splashing on my upturned face.


Getting made redundant at work. Job hunt kicking into full gear now.


Reggie casted a deep, silent gaze into the horizon of the lawn.

"We have accepted this fate ever since we took that very first chip," said Reggie, "There is no going back."

They said nothing since. On this very lawn where the human has not visited again for a year since the Great Crow War, they continued waiting.

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"Human- Most human aren't stupid. As much as we'd like to think we are the superior intelligent species, human still have an upper hand over us with sheer size and engineering. You can't possibly think that they care about us in a benevolent way." He was going to imply all human, until he remembered this human attempting to steal his food, and ended up falling down a ditch.

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"The human has done us a good deed. Multiple good deeds, in fact. It's only appropriate to repay his kindness, even if it's just temporary."

"And you don't think he has intentionally started a war among us for his entertainment?"

"I think he is simply choosing who deserves his blessing."

"Reggie, there's no way that makes sense...

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Inspired by World War Crow green text


"Reggie, what if the tree huggers were right?"

"Right about what?"

"That the human will one day abandon us. That the human has no intention of keeping us fed, and did it purely for his entertainment."

"Please don't tell me you're falling for that bullshit too."

"I mean, I'm not supporting our enemy obviously, but what if...?"

Been sleeping with a new memory foam pillow the last couple days. Actually slept better and neck pain didn't get worse. It hasn't gone away tho.

Forget heaven or hell
Become people or shells

(Totally didn't forget the first day of the month hahahahaha cri)

run my child, run and hide
run to where sun don't shine
into the darkness where truth thrive
there's nothing left back outside
be free and never look back
keep running before they get to you
and rip your life dry

Just received my cheap keyboard so that I can leave an extra one for bedroom writing.

This keyboard is not "slim" or "silent", but the typing noise is not as satisfying as my older keyboard.

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please feel free to give me good ridiculous names for racehorses

What do you need?
Come dance with me.
I bring tidings
Both good and grim.

Congratulations to all you winners. Let me know what you would like me to write in calligraphy, or I can pick a toot from your profile to write for.

Is there a way to use tarot that's more for soothing, calming etc? I love my deck very much and I want to seek comfort from it beyond using it for divination spreads.

Update: I did eventually overcome the 500 word block.

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