hi ya'll! i'm salt. i'm getting back into poetry & prose after a long break. (work got busy and i got tired.) i used to have a writing tumblr but wanted to get a fresh start. i'm thinking about posting some of the shorter poems straight on here as toots, it'll be interesting seeing whether the requirement of brevity polishes my writing.

anyway, excited to meet some of my fellow writers on here.

Hello, and welcome.
What kind of writing and poetry do you do?

@zudn thanks for the warm welcome! i used to write short stories. i'm not sure how i'd define my poetry. i guess it's sort of like slice of life or just anything i'm feeling/thinking about in the moment, in an unstructured/free-form format.

Good to know. Look forward to seeing your work. I tend toward traditional forms, but rhyme gets tiresome after a while.

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