Hello I got keyboard and monitor set up via USB-C dock and installed Rust. Other than forgetting I needed GCC, compiling and running hello world in Rust directly on phone worked perfectly. I'll be interested to see how compiling more complex code goes, but glad to see it is playing ball!

Wut! Look what just arrived... @PINE64 thank you. I look forward to playing with this immensely.

Write.as turns 6 years old today! 🎂

From an anonymous blogging platform to a minimalist publishing space for 175,000 blogs, we've come far since 2015.

Here's where we are today, plus a special deal to help everyone to celebrate with us 👇

@matt I am assuming that the 25% discount is trying to get a longer-term commitment from more of your user-base before you you start working on the things you mentioned recently on your musings about what the future holds for Write.As in terms of blogs / features etc.

I bit the bullet anyway! I want to see it thrive.

This is rather special, Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins on the30th(!) anniversary of Silence of the Lambs.

Article doesn’t even pretend to shy away from the Buffalo Bill-trans controversy.

Interviewer is Tananarive Due, which is awesome.


The Arch experience:

1. Update entire system
2. Reboot with new kernel
3. New updates available!

...and I actually love it for that 🤗

Wow my is shipped, only 12 days after ordering! I guess I got order in just before Chinese new year. @PINE64

I assume my Librem5 is going to be more like 6 months+ before I see it. Backers have been waiting years though...

@danrabbit @cassidyjames any interest in getting Elementary / Pantheon to run on Linux convergence phones? When I eventually receive them, I could try.

I have actually ordered both an @PINE64 and @purism and I'm planning on seeing what I can do to help improve the Linux mobile ecosystem when they one day arrive!

They will always be niche until one day maybe they won't, so I think it is worth trying. Having already spent years using only laptops sold with Linux installed, and forgoing my Mac, I haven't looked back. I know I'm a geek and happy to compile from source and fix stuff via CLI, but that's not as frequent now.

Me & my big bro trying to remember a LEGO set we had growing up:

It was a pirate ship

No, it was a space ship

It had dragon wings

What? It had a periscope

There was a monkey involved

Wasn’t it a little boy?

Turns out, yes. It was all those things.

accusing someone of listing their kinks in bio because the first line says "linux advocate"

In between “real” work, I’ve been hacking on a tiny but satisfying side project: a hybrid native + web app for Plausible Analytics! github.com/cassidyjames/plausi

Welcoming a rescue pupper on Sunday, "Roxy Borquita" she shall be called. Wife wants us to wait until Sunday to share the news, but not got anyone on Fedi that knows me in person yet, and I'm too excited! 🥳

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