My favourite from my fave roastery / café in Cambridge, UK was Rwandan. I do have full Espresso machine at home, so I'd say it also made great drip filter too, but I had it much less.

Excited to say I've accepted an offer from GitHub, and I start in July!

From the docs FYI

> "Bundling: this allows application developers to ship almost any dependency or library as part of their application. This gives complete control over which software is used to build applications."

The runtimes aren't separate snaps or flatpaks. If I build an app using Flatpak build it'll have whatever dependencies I use baked into it. So if I release a specific GTK3.x or 4.x version, that version is embedded in the flatpak, so to see what versions of GTK Flatpak apps are built with you need to look at the manifest files of the app. The distro/system versions are not relevant. It makes Linux apps fully portable.

Flatpak and snap apps use their own dependency versions, not system ones. So a GTK 4 app can run on older Ubuntu for example. It just has GTK version embedded

If the software has a more up-to-date flatpack or snap package then you can work around system package version for a lot of stuff.

Also maybe submit issues to repos of software that is actually not yet updated.

Otherwise using Arch would mean you get stuff as fast as possible at least, and rolling release without re-install or major upgrades...

I installed arch because of a GTK related dependency that was old on my previous distro.

And with the whole "what if that happened in the west" I think a certain level of "how would you react in a place like that" possibly also creates a level of empathy. Real people have / had to live within the third reich, IS, DRPK, Saudi Arabia, China, Slavery, conquests and in some ways these types of thought experiment could a gateway to destroying such systems. You need people to comprehend other's reality to help effectively.

"the idiocy of the protagonist is painful to watch."
Look at the story of Shamima Begum... real life and that quote applies to her too.

Forced marriage, oppression of women, Islamic State, people have effectively gone to join Gilead in real life. ICE camps, prison / forced labour. Uyghurs in China...

The whole thing is too close to the bone. I loved it though, read the books too.

The floppy disk save icon,
Solarize, Dodge and burn etc. in Photoshop
Give me a bell (phones stopped having actual bells a while back)
There are probably thousands of aging references to the largely obsolete.


Love to see brand new GitHub accounts spam our repos with cryptominers in GitHub Actions. Real cool. Especially cool that they keep running after the PR is locked and closed and the is user reported and blocked from the org. Especially cool that it blocks all CI on all our repos.

Well I use Quilter on Linux, but it's not a comprehensive app, more of a stays out of your way minimal app. I use it to write articles.

Are you using it under wine? The AppImage install for Schrivener on Linux is free and works but is a very old version.

And yes, it's always sad when an app not being available affects you adversely. I still miss Adobe Lightroom for photography, even though Darktable is pretty amazing.

Mobile phones also pretty much all do window management instead of minimize... but old habitats die hard on desktop I guess.

It is really frustrating for me with so many USB-devices and things now, that so many assume they're the only thing in the world with a USB-C port and come with only C-A cables...

I have 2 phones, 2 e-writers, yubikeys, laptop and monitor all with C, and some other bits and pieces.

Wife's laptop too. Just give me C-C cables as standard please.... it's been years of this awkwardnes.

Here comes libadwaita! Read about our plans to make GNOME apps and GTK 4 even better, and about the future of libhandy: adrienplazas.com/blog/2021/03/

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