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The implicit meaning of this argument is that one should not face responsibility for their actions unless everyone faces responsibility for their actions—which is, again, a childish way of attempting to dodge guilt while clumsily and unconsciously admitting it.

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It's a very juvenile thing to say, really. A child, attempting to avoid responsibility, shifts the focus from themselves onto everyone around them. They are not interested in fairness, they are interested in dodging facing the consequences of their actions.

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There's a lazy argument that we shouldn't talk about the American history of slavery unless we talk about every single instance of slavery in the history of the world. Just like we shouldn't talk about your car getting stolen until we find every car that's ever been stolen.

Hate is a strong part of the low-consciousness effort to make sense of life. Some people desperately need an out-group with which to define their in-group. Some poor souls know not who they are, just that they aren't something else. The hate distracts them from the emptiness.

What are your favorite websites for longform fiction?

As someone who has no business talking about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's relationship, I'd just like to say

Are there any diary sites out there? Not diary apps, but something like old school OpenDiary.

Why do Black lives matter?

Because Black life in a world where fearful White people exist is as fragile as a butterfly.

It is a miracle.

Despite everything, we are still here. We find joy, somehow. We make beauty from nothing.

Despite everything, we dance in the sky.

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